March 4, 1998 (Mary)

My daughter,

Pray for the grace to love ---- to love well ---- unconditionally without reserve. Remain focused on Jesus whereby peace and understanding will filter into your heart. My children hunger for answers to life's many questions and thus they will seek those whom they feel have been blessed with special gifts. You know this to be true. It is in these times in which you embrace others you will be greatly tested as no longer must they see you for you must die to self, that Jesus may dwell within you.

Your world soon embarks upon major changes. I ask My children in their preparations to return to the use of holy water in their homes. Bless yourselves frequently that your thoughts and words will be pure and pleasing to God. I urge all prayer groups to stress the importance of holy water for this is a powerful source of protection now and in the times to come.

Always encourage others, My little one, for the power of the Holy Spirit descends upon God's people as they will proclaim His glory now and forever.

Peace, My daughter. Prepare much as holiness requires great sacrifice. Continue onward in humble obedience as the awareness of My messages penetrates many hearts.

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