March 1, 1998 (Mary)

My dear children,

Praise be Jesus. In these times of turmoil when hearts lie broken and confusion seeks to steal your peace ---- know it is Jesus who stands in your midst caressing each heart with great tenderness and compassion. Your life is delicate as the flower whose petals form from the bud of infancy into an array of beauty ---- - vulnerable yet boldly allowing its beauty to be enjoyed by all. So, too, My little ones, each petal of your life as it unfolds brings in itself a stage of life ---- of growth and maturity. In Spring, the youth of life, your hearts are filled with expectations of great accomplishments ---- yet too often you fail to recognize God's hand in your life ---- thus you tuck away gratitude for that which you have been given. Mankind, in error, fails to acknowledge God and thus in the Autumn of their years the petals of life wither awaiting only the final moment until they fall ---- no longer beautiful but dry and void of life.

My children, many are in the Autumn of their years yet because of their great love of God, their beauty has not diminished. As these precious petals (souls) fall, they are gently caught in the loving hands of Jesus. It is He who breathes new life into His children that they may dwell with Him forever. Pray much, My children.

Peace and love.

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