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January 10, 1998 (Mary)

My daughter,.

Draw close to my heart where you may unburden the cares of this world. You allow so many insignificant circumstances to influence your peace. You cannot control that which approaches, my child ---- rid yourself of doubt and anxiety as Jesus will see to all your needs. Be patient and allow Divine Wisdom to guide your path. You are but a simple messenger ---- a willing heart into which the seed of faith has been planted.

Let love guide your steps as you embrace the suffering of others. Seek to join your heart with Ours as true love and compassion are essential in this life's journey. Embrace with the arms of Jesus the hungry ones who seek His love and mercy. Rejoice, my daughter, as many hearts are now receptive to My Son's love. Follow the path laid out before you ---- do not deter from the narrow path but persevere to journeys end. Peace and Love!

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Our Lady of the Sierras Shrine