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Annual Christmas Rosary & Mass
Rosario y Misa de la Temporada Navideña

Friday, December 16, 2022
Viernes, 16 de diciembre del 2021

Location: La Purisima Retreat Center
Locación: El Centro de Retiro La Purísima


For more information download the 2022 Annual Christmas Rosary & Mass

Para obtener más información, descargue el Rosario y la Misa Anual de Navidad 2022

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February 10, 1998 (Mary)

My dear daughter,

I urge you to bring to Me the words of your mind and heart that I might soften them before they are spoken. The trials, My daughter, will not cease nor the intensity with which they come but you must allow your heart to fill with compassion. You, Our little messenger, have accepted your gifts with great love -- -- greater still must be the love which illuminates from your very presence for all must see as well as hear of the great love and mercy of Jesus. Be not quick to defend yourself from the arrows of ignorance and misunderstanding for Jesus in His perfect timing will put all wrongs to right. You are but to show kindness and mercy as all will learn one must be merciful to obtain mercy.

I wrap you in My Mantle of love that you may gather strength to be firm in your belief and with silent humility press forward as great are the rewards for those who persevere. Rest easy, My child. Pray much as darkness approaches.

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