February 9, 1998 (Mary)

You are called to be the peaceful doves of My Son immersed in His Divine love. Humanity calls for peace, but fails to recognize its presence for you have become as the fragrant flower which sweeps the air with its pleasant aroma yet time too takes its toll and the fragrance is soon gone. My children, you are the flowers of the field of life placed into the care of The Master Gardner. It is through His expert care you are allowed to bloom again and again. I urge you to be humble that the fragrant beauty of His love will not fade as your delicate fragrance of childlike trust and peaceful submission to His Divine Will continue to flourish as journeys end approaches. This is the time of unity in which all open hearts will be bound with Divine Love. Persevere ---- pray much, My children, as the thread of discord seeks to flaw the precious garment of life.

Peace and love!

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