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Annual Christmas Rosary & Mass
Rosario y Misa de la Temporada Navideña

Friday, December 16, 2022
Viernes, 16 de diciembre del 2021

Location: La Purisima Retreat Center
Locación: El Centro de Retiro La Purísima


For more information download the 2022 Annual Christmas Rosary & Mass

Para obtener más información, descargue el Rosario y la Misa Anual de Navidad 2022

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February 8, 1998 (Mary)

My dear children,

You are My dear children for it is through the hands of Jesus that I gather you under My Mantle of motherly love and protection. I do not come to cause dissension but to revive that last glimmer of hope which rapidly fades as the rays of My Son's love become buried under theoretical dissertations. I choose to speak simply and truthfully whereby all My children will understand. It is Divine Love which draws My Heart into unity with My Son and the purity of such love with which we pursue the misguided souls who choose to make something so beautifully simple so complex. My dear ones, where true love abides there is peace. Examine carefully your thoughts and words as they filter through your heart. Be kind and gentle and may your hearts be filled with forgiveness for much will come to disturb your peace yet you must be strong as the Holy Spirit will enlighten the minds of those who genuinely seek His discernment. Be at peace ---- trust much, little ones, as all will be tested.

Peace and love!

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