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August 5, 1998 (Our Lady Speaks)

My dear children,

You see the sun as it rises majestically in early morning silently making its way into the sky. So, too I call you, My Little one, to allow your soul to climb ever so silently to spiritual heights of holiness. It is not by the roaring thunder of approaching storms, but by gentle sincere persistence that each soul valiantly makes its way--- soaring above the temptations of this world seeking unity --- that purity of heart --- which draws them closer to Jesus. Be encouraged, My children, for I, your Mother, stand closely by to encourage you through each moment of life. I entreat you to bear your cross with holy dignity, for by your example, others will seek the fountain of My Son's mercy.

Come, My children, and allow me to caress your wounds for it is only through true devotion to My Son can true peace exist. Already the rumbling storms approach--- I call you to peace--- such peace is not a mere word, but a necessity for spiritual survival. Hear Me well, little ones, for much meaning lies hidden in My words. I bless you this day as I draw you close to My heart. Peace and love!
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Our Lady of the Sierras Shrine