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September 3, 1997 (Mary)

My dear children,

Soon the sun will rise upon a new day ---- a new day to praise and glorify God. Take time, my little ones, to thank Him for each new day He allows you to see. Thank Him for this precious gift of life before arising thereby giving Him the first thoughts of your day.

My children, He must come first. You are here to glorify Him above all else. Let all you do ---- let all you say be a hymn of praise to the One Who is above all else. Prepare yourselves each day by examining your conscience. Truly, I say unto you ---- many out of indifference or ignorance do not know How to properly and effectively do this. Learn ---- seek those whose hearts belong to My Son and they will teach you.

You must prepare your souls by being reconciled to your God. Realize, my little ones, this is a great gift which will cultivate the seeds of humility which are so necessary if you are to attain eternal life.

Do not let what time you have left slip by ---- - you are my remnant and must, as such, offer examples to the lost and searching souls. Prepare ---- prepare as never before ---- go quickly gathering the sheaves.

Call upon the angels ---- THEY ARE REAL and watch and guard you daily. They have been assigned to watch and protect you. DO NOT OFFEND THEM WHOM GOD HAS SENT ---- they are a source of powerful protection. Awaken your senses that you may feel their powerful protection. Pray, my Little ones ---- pray and prepare!

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Our Lady of the Sierras Shrine