October 30, 1997 (Mary)

My dear children,

You, the precious ones who hear and heed my words, are being prepared with heavenly strength and love. That which is revealed to you is given as a sign of hope, not despair. Do not dwell upon the negative for that is time wasted ---- precious time, my children, that is gone forever.

You are called to the awareness of events to come. My messengers throughout the world are proclaiming my words of caution lovingly mixed with encouragement. We bring you Our peace ---- the peace of eternal love and joy. Learn , dear ones, by putting your faith into practice. Embrace your trials and sufferings, knowing the Father has out of great love for you, allowed each one to carry his cross of purification. Find joy, my children, in all that comes your way, for truly these are treasures which you will cherish and one day lay before the throne of God. Rejoice, My dear ones. Peace!

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