October 28, 1997 (Mary)

My children,

Be at peace, my little ones, as I draw you close to my heart. Let my love calm all fear and fill you with the confident assurance of our love. My children, you cannot imagine the infinite love and power of God who is pouring out His mercy upon his people. He calls you to open your hearts and receive the many gifts He wishes to bestow upon you. It is you, my children, who impose restrictions upon God---- thus limiting your ability to receive grace ---- the amazing grace of which you sing ---- the grace which saves!

Confusion and fear have caused your hearts unnecessary burdens. Trust, dear children , as God is pure love and wishes only that which is best for you. He does

not deny your happiness ---- but know, dear ones, true happiness comes in your service to others. Become the humble servants of Jesus as in your humility you will become one with Him who loves you. Peace and love.

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