October 26, 1997 (Mary)

My dear children,

Know each day in this beautiful journey of life you draw closer to the beauty of eternal joy and peace. As you rely more and more upon Jesus, life's burdens will become lighter and your spirit will soar higher and higher until you at last have reached the final plateau of holiness.

Do not look back, my children ---- the past will take care of itself, but focus always ahead on Jesus. Look to Him who holds the future ---- the great Architect of life. You are the designs of His Divine Hands ---- His people whom He calls. Listen, my little ones, for all is in order in this great drama of life.

Rarely has an age where sin abounds been given such a time of mercy. Pray for His Divine Mercy upon your families and upon the world for most do not see nor comprehend the magnitude of the judgment which lies ahead. Receive my motherly blessing this day. Peace and love!

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