October 25, 1997 (Mary)

My dear children,

I repeat and repeat my words of warning to you and so I shall until the reality of their meaning has awakened your soul. My children, do not take each day for granted ---- for though you live and breathe busily tending to each day's tasks know this in itself is a gift from God. Cherish each moment ---- all too soon changes will occur affecting your lives to a major degree. Embrace this great time of grace for My Son pours forth His mercy upon you. You must prepare as you, in turn, are being prepared. There is still much required of you. Bond together in the common unity of prayer as you are to become fortresses of love and hope. Despair will fill your air, fear and anxiety will abound, but those who trust in Jesus will rest in the tranquility of Our hearts.

Draw close to Jesus ---- prepare and be reconciled. Seek always to be in a state of grace. Guard your thoughts and your tongues for both lash out against your neighbor ---- one silently, the other with the viciousness of wild animals. Pray for your guardian angels to guard your thoughts and words. Let only purity and love dwell within you. Pray ---- pray from your hearts. We are here, my children . Hold tightly to your faith as the storm clouds gather.

Know you are loved. Peace, little ones.

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