October 24, 1997 (Jesus)

My children,

I have woven the threads of My promises into the hearts of My people. In their weakness, I have instilled strength to combat the evils of this world. Blessed are my children who hear My word and practice humility with justice for their lives are pleasing to Me. They bear their own cross yet stoop to help carry the cross of their neighbors. This is love as it was meant to be ---- unselfish and enduring.

Hear the words of My mother who is Queen yet loving and obedient. She is the precious gift given to you in these difficult times. Do not offend her! She weeps for those who will not heed her words and implores my mercy upon all my children. Listen closely to her words ---- learn from her ---- for the path upon which she leads you is narrow and the journey difficult, but her presence will reassure you of the great reward ahead. Do not lose hope, my people. I await your return.

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