October 22, 1997 (Jesus)

My dear children,

Know, My children, I am with you always ---- I come to bring you My peace and encouragement for the times ahead are difficult and filled with uncertainties. Rely solely upon Me and I will see to your needs and those pure desires of your heart. I hear your every thought ---- nothing is hidden.

I am sending special priests, My sons whose hearts are quickened with the desire to serve Me. Seek them as you will find a peaceful refuge in these troubled times. The false teachings of this world will cause doubt and will lead many astray. You are forewarned but know My mercy is great and My forgiveness unlimited.

Call upon Me ---- seek Me and search with all your hearts for I am your loving Savior here to draw you to My fountain of mercy while you may yet be refreshed. Let Me fill you with peace and assurance that my love endures forever. Never doubt but trust always. I love you, my children and desire your true happiness. Come to Me while there is yet time. Pray and I will hear and answer you. I bless you this day in my joy and peace.

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