October 10, 1997 (Mary)

My dear children,

I invite you this day to become apostles of joy. As the angels announced the Joy that was brought into your world many years ago, so I now entreat you to become My Son's joy-filled ambassadors of hope and love.

I have asked many times for you to hear the urgency in My call ---- to prepare spiritually and physically ---- yet, my little ones, I do not wish you to ignore the gentle melody of hope which I continuously weave into my messages. Listen with hearts of joy and anticipation for beyond the trials a new day dawns ---- a new song to be sung!

Praise Jesus, my children, for great is His love and mercy. As the angels sing their songs of praise to Jesus, I ask you to live your life as a song that one day you will sing before the Lord. I bless and intercede for you this day that your song will fall sweetly upon His ears.

Peace, little ones.

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