October 7, 1997 (Mary)

My daughter,

Be at peace, my child, for in surrendering your will to Jesus you have become one with Him and His desires are now the desires of your heart. Continue to live in the light of My Son as others will see the purity of your intentions and be drawn to Him through the gifts you have been given.

Your life is now an open book. Be prepared as many will read its contents searching for answers while others will scrutinize looking for error and deception. Be strong and endure that which has been permitted to come your way.

We are here to comfort and guide you. In your imperfections you will falter, but rest assured you will be given the graces necessary to continue. Words do not come easy for you, my daughter, but know that by your example, others will seek Him who dwells with in you, Jesus. Let His light shine brightly as darkness comes and many are unprepared.

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