October 6, 1997 (Jesus)

My children,

Listen well, my people, and comprehend the seriousness of your sins. Your world is corrupt and without conscience. My peace and love which I have freely given as a source of healing have been greatly neglected and ignored.

What then, my people, must I do to draw you back to repentance. If I bring darkness ---- will you see the light! If I remove the air ---- from where will the breath of life appear. You do not challenge me, my children, but impose undo burdens upon yourselves.

I am He who comforts you. I will wipe away all tears and give your souls peaceful tranquility. It is but a matter of choice ---- your choice.

The signs of the times grow more and more vivid, but many are blinded by self worth and indulgence of pride. Rid yourself of pride and seek humility. I came into your world as Savior, Yet humble God/Man, so you, my sheep, must choose to leave this world as humble men and women who seek only the perfection of My Divinity within your souls.

I give you but awhile longer to choose. Hear Me as I call your name ---- as, I your Jesus, will hear you in your final hour for mercy. You are my people whom I love.

Receive my blessing this day ---- reach out to Me and I will lift you from the depths of despair.

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