October 5, 1997 (Mary)

My dear children,

I come as your loving mother bringing peace and the reassurance of God's love. My heart is heavy, little ones, and my eyes are still filled with tears for the hardened souls whose eternal destiny hangs in the balance.

Let all who seek the guidance of My Son's Divine Will and those into whose hearts our messages have rooted become disciples of our peace and love. You are chosen ---- the hour of decision is here and now. You are called into this final battle for souls. Prepare and find comfort in the mercy of Jesus who has provided for your heavenly protection.

I tell you this day ---- those who seek with a pure childlike heart shall find and those whose ears are open to the gentle whispers of hope shall hear.

Keep blessed candles and holy water close at hand ---- continue to wear blessed medals ---- your crucifixes and scapulars for these are powerful weapons which repel the enemy. Pray, My children, pray and sacrifice for many face an eternity of darkness. I need your prayers. Hear me ---- hear and understand, my call is

urgent! Peace and love, dear ones.

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