October 4, 1997 (Mary)

My dear children,

Many hear my words but they have become words without meaning. My messages echo throughout your world and seldom are they heeded.

I have called you to pray and fast ---- to make sacrifices and to be reconciled that you may learn from me, but still, my children, peace eludes you. What do you wish of Me, your Mother ---- that I would manifest myself before you? What then, my wayward ones. You would gradually become indifferent and slip back into old habits ignoring your mother's warning and her love.

Through my tears, I gaze into your human hearts - those with whom to intimately share My Son's love. There are so few hearts willing to abandon themselves to self and thus my search continues.

I urge you, my children, to allow your hearts to become fertile ---- the fertile ground into which My Son's words fall and grow. You are vital links in this chain of life. As each link is joined, its strength increases.

My faithful ones, let the love of Jesus be the solder which when applied to the links increases the strength of the chain. Praise Him, honor Him and love Him who is all you will need to safely reach your journeys end.

Trust Him, Oh dear children, as His love surpasses all understanding. Rest in our peace!

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