October 3, 1997 (Jesus)

My daughter,

You, as well as others, have received many graces in this special place. I tell you this will be a place of conversion as many who come will receive spiritual and physical healings.

You will find it difficult at first, my daughter, but continue in your trust of Me as you will be strengthened to continue your mission. Be faithful to Me as I search all hearts and know your inner most thoughts. Be filled with My love ---- My peace as I will flood your very soul with graces. I tell you, my child, My presence here will be felt by others and this , in itself, will draw the parched souls to the fountain of My Mercy.

Your responsibility is great. Do not fear, but trust as I will turn your weakness into strength. Pray for all souls as My Heart still bleeds for my children, my lost sheep. Tell them I will never give up; I give them until the final moment of their life to turn to me.

Soon I will call my children. I have extended every mercy to them. I have given My life for them and I have sent My Mother as a final grace to gather My lost lambs. Hear her as she lovingly draws you under her mantle guiding all to My Sacred Heart. Time is of the essence ---- listen well. Come while the door of My Mercy is still open.

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Drone footage presented by Finding Sacred Spaces.