October 2, 1997 (Mary)

My children,

I encourage each of you to begin your day with prayer thus by feeding your spirit, you will be strengthened to resist the temptations of this world. Arm yourselves well with my rosary as evil plots against you, My faithful ones, seeking to devour your hearts, minds and souls. Remain firm in your resolve to do My Son's Will as I continuously intercede for you. I hear the intentions of the pure hearts ---- those which burn out of love for the misguided souls who have taken the wrong path in the crossroad of life.

Be patient, my children, and endure your trials of purification. The battle intensifies as the evil one's time grows short. Pray as if this were your last day on earth for truly you do not know how quickly the hour approaches.

I gather you under my mantle where you will find shelter in My Immaculate Heart. You are loved, little ones, well beyond your understanding. Peace and Love.

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