November 10, 1997 (Mary)

My dear children,

Let love fill your hearts as the joy which fills our hearts --- languishes in peace and contentment of our prayer filled remnant. Thank you, my precious ones, for hearing the requests of your mother which have rooted deeply within your souls. See, My children, how you are drawn closer together in a loving bond of peace --- peace that knows no distinction of race or wealth ---- only love ---- pure love.

Continue, my dear ones to draw closer to perfection in holiness as your souls seeks only oneness with God. Your strength will become greater as pureness of unity with your Creator becomes more and more important and life's trials and uncertainties gradually fade into the background canvass, upon which the Divine Painter has brushed the strokes of creativity onto the final portrait of your life.

Rejoice for beauty and joy surround you ---- look about you, my children, and comprehend the beauty of life. Know, my children, that suffering beautifies and purifies the soul which seeks this intangible unity with God.

Peace and joy, my precious ones!

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