November 9, 1997 (Mary)

My dear children,

May peace and joy fill each heart as you gather to glorify My Son. I gather you this day and will present each one of you, one by one, as a precious gift to My Son who stands ready with His open heart to receive your prayers. Prepare, my children, for this is only the beginning of that which has be predestined.

You are chosen as vital instruments of peace. Each in his own way has become a beautiful thread being woven into the tapestry of life. This tapestry of which I have previously spoken is like the puzzle which cannot be solved without each individual piece ---- and so each of you, my precious ones, are the threads necessary to complete the beautiful design of life

` My dear ones. I feel the sadness and pain as well as the joy in each heart. Know I hold your heart close to mine ---- and My Son to whom my heart is joined will grant the desires of those hearts who obediently seek His Divine Will.

We love you, little ones, and bless you with our peace.

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