November 8, 1997 (Mary)

My dear children,

I desire to fill your hearts with true peace and tranquility, but you, my dear ones, must choose to allow Me to help you. True peace is achieved by abandonment to oneself with total dependence on God.

Trials and disappointments are inevitable in a world filled with sin, but one must overcome the seemingly insurmountable tasks at hand by placing all trust in God. He is the source of strength from which you will draw the courage to continue when darkness has covered your world ---- for darkness indeed comes ---- yet beyond the darkness lies such beauty and hope which springs eternal.

Listen well to my words and let them find meaning in your soul. Pray and contemplate for I have revealed much to you ---- you need but to open the door of your heart as the Lord of Love and Truth prepares to enter bringing eternal peace.

You are loved, oh little ones!

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