November 7, 1997 (Mary)

My dear children,

You come with so many questions ---- - questions that in the perfect timing of God will be answered. You wish Me to say "Yes" or "No" ---- "right " or "left", but I tell you it is your faith in the goodness and power of God that illuminates the course of your soul and thus the direction your life will take. Allow your hearts and minds to be opened to His love for it is in His perfect love that true knowledge and tranquility of Heart abide.

Do not dwell upon the coming events for evil will seek to destroy your peace. Times will be difficult, my dear ones, and others will be asked to suffer more than their neighbors, but it is all in God's Divine plan. Be a participant in life ---- not a specter (a phantom / ghost) ---- for all too soon you will realize that which you left unaccomplished. You cannot undo past mistakes but forgiveness is there for the asking ---- as great is the Mercy of Jesus.

Continue in developing a stronger prayer life for this is the true food upon which you will feed. Peace and love!

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