November 5, 1997 (Mary)

My children,

My motherly peace I bring to you this day and ask you, My precious ones, to be disciples of peace and love. Join your hearts to Ours as in your daily lives you will touch many hurting souls ---- souls seeking the peace and love of Jesus.

So many waste this precious gift of life by placing time with Jesus far from their hearts and thus reject or do not recognize the gifts He makes available to each and every soul. Love Him who loves you ---- seek to abide with Him while there is yet time. Become the pure of heart into which His Divine Love will flow.

My children, He is extending every mercy ---- I urge you as the tears fall from my eyes to fall to your knees in gratitude for you as yet do not understand the magnitude of this great gift. Pray, my children ---- pray for this truly is a great time of mercy.

Peace and love.

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