November 4, 1997 (Mary)

My daughter,

I caution you, my daughter, as a mother whose heart is full of love for her child and seeks to guard and protect the one she loves. Your time has come; you will be attacked as never before but let your heart not be troubled for you are well protected.

Remain silent in your times of trial ---- draw strength from Him whose arms are outstretched drawing you close to His heart. What is there to fear, my child, when one truly loves God? You must only seek to be one with Him ---- a bond that this world cannot break.

I have much to tell you, my daughter ---- not all of which you will write. Listen and discern, my child, as I your Mother now speak to your heart. My messages will gradually cease for that is as it must be. I have been allotted much time to be with my messengers. Now you must continue with even more intensity the responsibility I have entrusted to you. Bravely face the darkness for Jesus, the Light of Hope, stands ready to receive His Children. Do not be sad for I am still with you awhile longer.

I bless you, my daughter, as you in turn must carry Our blessing to others. Rejoice for a new day of hope lies just ahead. Peace!

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