November 3, 1997 (Mary)

My dear children,

You have been blessed many times for Our Words have flowed as the rivers flow into the oceans ---- one great depth into another. Yet, my children, you choose only to hear the gentle little brook which makes few waves as it takes its natural course of direction.

Those who hear Our Words must hear the underlying message ---- not pick and choose that which is meaningful but out of context. The depth of our messages is as vast as the ocean itself ---- comprehend Our Words for there is great urgency and little time. Our Words will test your comprehension and at times your very imagination ---- but, my children, Our Words are not mere words but grave cautions for evil abounds seeking your very soul. Hear and believe, little ones, and know, our faithful ones, you remain close to Our Hearts. Reach out, dear ones, to those who have been led astray for the heart of Jesus eagerly awaits their change of heart. In His Divine Mercy He reaches out to his people with an incomprehensible love so great He will snatch souls from the brink of the fires of hell itself if they but call on Him. Reflect, my children, on these words.

Love and Peace!

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