August 8, 1997 (Personal message) (Mary)

My daughter,

I bring you My motherly love and comfort in this your time of trial. We are the strength you need to face all that will come your way. Do not be saddened, My little one, by those who unknowingly are instruments of the spirit of disbelief.

Be filled with Our peace. Embrace the suffering which comes your way as your purification continues. You are the clay the potter is molding into His image. Rejoice always for you have been greatly blessed.

August 8, 1997 (Evening message) (Mary)

My children,

Come My dear ones as I, your Mother, take your hand and gather you under My mantle.

I ask you this day to seek the will of Jesus in all that you do. As you continuously seek Him Who is Holy, you too become one with Him and share the joy of true love.

My precious ones, as you gaze into the mirror know that the image which reflects back is the dwelling place of the Holy Spirit. Let the purity of heart and the Light of Love meet your every gaze. You are the beacons of My Son's light and love. Live each moment with confidence in Him whose love has no bounds. Peace and joy my children.

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