August 3, 1997 (Mary)

My little ones,

Peace my little ones --- We bring you Our peace. Know, my children, we will meet all your needs and give you the grace to sustain you as the trials begin. The only hope for your world is Jesus and many have turned away from Him seeking only what brings them comfort and pleasures. You are given our messages as a means to bring hope to the souls whose faith has faded or grown lukewarm. They would like to believe, but because they do not see, they do not believe. Blessed are they who believe and have not seen.

Use the graces you have been given to bring souls to the fountain of My son's love where they will be refreshed.

Let His light shine brightly so that all may see Him in you. You are the soldiers I am sending into battle armed with My rosary and scapular. With these weapons, many souls will be saved from eternal fire and damnation.

My precious ones, if you could see what lies ahead, you would waste no more time. Live the Gospels. HEAR THE URGENCY OF MY CALL. Peace.

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