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Message from Our Lady
Canyon Rosary - October 16th, 2015

This past Friday night Our Lady spoke under somewhat different circumstances. There were people in attendance from various places in Mexico and Tucson and a few of the regulars. As things are changing with the prayer group – meaning the majority of them are relatively new and are not accustomed to what to do if certain circumstances arise, particularly if I should rest in the Spirit and what precautions to take, Our Lady chose to speak directly to my heart and I apparently responded in tongues. Her message was:

          “These things shall be pressed into your memory. Write and forward to Father for his discernment.” The message then began. “My dear children, …These times are clouded by misinterpretation. Our children have become indifferent and deaf to our call of conversion. Prayer, no matter in which language it is spoken, has lessened and clamors, lacking in sincerity of heart.
          It is in holy remnants such as this, prayer resounds with sincerity of heart and power of Divine love is allowed to flourish. Our Hearts rapidly respond to this sincerity of faith for joy under difficult circumstances radiates within your souls, unveiling true love and devotion to God. We bless you, little ones, as you have endeavored to bless so many in the Holy Name of Jesus.
Continue to trust in Jesus with boundless confidence, for many shall come to seek His Sacred Heart. The Holy Spirit shall bring you rest and refreshment in your soul as the journey continues.”

(Pat’s Spiritual Advisor) I think that it is, again, an insistent call to conversion . . . don’t you? Yes, there is definitely a lessening of prayer and true devotion to God. Yes, there seems to be a growing "indifference" to the things of God, the things that truly matter. The call to continue to trust and to pray and to be strong in the journey together to God is certainly an invitation . . . and a warning.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Rev 1

Our Lady of the Sierras Shrine