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December 21, 2002

(Visual) “There are thousands of angels ... ... like a wind chime. I can hear their wings. They are getting ready. Mother’s coming ...... Mother ...... blue lighting!”I see an older man, very tired. I can’t tell what’s in one hand. It looks like His left hand is carrying a small satchel. His right hand ... He’s holding on to a little burro or donkey. I don’t know the difference and there is ...... looks like a child, a beautiful child. But She’s so majestically holy ...... silent ...... obviously in prayer. They are going down a narrow street, passing poor areas. It looks like towards the end of this street or road ...... a cave that has an opening and Joseph ...... I’m sure it’s Joseph, He stops. He drops the reigns of the donkey and he takes a lantern which he’s brought with him, bends down and enters this cave like area. Doesn’t look like a grotto ...... doesn’t look like a manger scene and it’s very damp and it’s cold ...... but it’s empty ... except for a big cow with horns ... an oxen. No one moves ...... the animal doesn’t move ... just looks and continues sleeping.Joseph helps Mary down from the donkey and leads her into this cave like area ...... very little protection from the weather. It’s cold now and the dampness makes it even colder and I can feel it in my bones ... it’s cold and unpleasant. But Joseph finds some straw. There’s two piles, one higher than the other. He takesthe one down and spreads it on the ground for a place to make Mary comfortable. He starts a fire and is so patient. He tries to make it dry and warm ...... for Jesus is soon to be born ... and we see the lines on his forehead and the anxiety of a newborn father who is not prepared. He has very little to work with, but what he has he makes excellent use of. He takes a lantern in (his hand) and places it onto something which looks like a tree. Maybe a tree in the cave area and he hangs it on one of the little knots ... not quite a branch ... to give light.The fire is now warming the area somewhat and He’s asked Mary to please lie down and rest. She is so calm and so beautiful. She has a dark blue dress ... but Joseph has taken (I can’t tell if it’s white or cream) a mantle which she had about her...... kneels and uses it as a cover to help warm her as she lies down. She smiles at Joseph and says it will be all right Joseph. God will look after us ...... this is His Son ...... be at peace. She lies down to rest. Joseph goes down to the far end and he’s very cold as you can see him shiver ...... but he wants to be sure she’s warm. She’s going to give birth.Everything is becoming very blue ......very, very blue. Mary is now on her knees and she’s praying. Her lips barely move but you know she’s praying and the darkness of her gown or robe becomes lighter and lighter and there’s so much blue ...... the most beautiful blue. Everything is immersed in this blue light. I can’t look anymore ... too bright ...... Oh Mother!.”

“I am here, my children and I thank you for this simple trust. The faith which you brought with you for here before me are those articles which I shall bless. I
asked you to bring those things that you personally wished me to bless. It was for a two fold reason that I asked you to come. For I too wish to bless each of you

....... to touch your heart. As you recall ...........  I said this would be a very special
advent. It was your interpretation of “special” which you did not comprehend. I

gave you an opportunity to bear many trials ......... many pains.......... many
sufferings as well as moments of joy. For you are true disciples and true disciples find joy in their pain and in their suffering.

Children still and listen ……hear the sound of the angels as they gather
about you as I reach forward to touch each precious heart. Do you not feel My presence? Beloved ones you bring joy to my heart for you serve My Son with much love and devotion. I have come as I foretold ...... I have fulfilled my

promise. Now you must fulfill yours................. by bringing the gifts to my Son and
place them in the basket in the Chapel which shall be placed in an area of honor for My Son. I wish only gifts from the heart for these are treasured so highly by My Son. We shall take them Christmas morning and sing songs of praise and

glory as we present them to him........... the Savior to be born on Christmas day.”
Our Lady of the Sierras Shrine