Message from Our Blessed Mother

October 26th, 2012

The following is a transcription of the live recorded message as received thru “Pat” at St Joseph’s Home (The Shrine of Our Lady of the Sierras) during the regular 7:30 Friday night rosary.

My Dear Children,

It has been some time since we last spoke. In that time you have discerned that through the graces I have given to each of you … the purpose of such graces has been to disperse them to others. As you have realized … in the darkness has come joy … for the darkness of souls has brought great strength of spirit.

This is such an important lesson … a lesson that I as your Mother wish to convey … with the love of a Mother’s heart … that it may penetrate into each of His children … His children  yes … My Son! For here you shall realize that you are truly dependent upon God. He does not take away the graces … but instead My children, allows those graces to grow and to take upon themselves even more special meaning. Once you learn that you savor them but for a moment and pass them on to others … and others in turn …. must pass those graces on.

The darkness of which I spoke is a time, yes, of growth … a growth to your spirit … that you rely upon the Will of God … that you no longer think of yourselves. But it is of a love that grows because of dependency upon the Will of God. You know nothing more than to love God … to be obedient to Him. Into His Will … yes … into His Will you will immerse yourselves that you will become one. Your hearts will be full of joy. For it is the Will of God that you be here this night (this place) and in all throughout this world … in these coming most difficult times … that  your hearts be at peace … for the obedience to God shall be your source of strength.

He is the light and the love which shall carry you forth. Do not, My Children, lose your way … but cling ….. cling tightly to the One who loves you … and desires only your soul … to find that peace … that joy … through this time of great purification.

Do not fear … nor be saddened or discouraged. But, My children, smile within your heart … that it may remain open … that God may communicate with you in such a personal way … that you will grow … and bear much fruit.


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