Message of August 15, 2008


During the Friday night canyon Rosary the following message was given by Jesus in the form of a locution. The substance of the message was then verbally repeated to one of the prayer team members who then wrote it in the form of shorthand notes. Note quotation marks have not been used.

I come as the God of mystery and not of imagination. As my children seek Me, they seek Me with their mind not with their heart. I come to bring sight to the blind, that they may see me as a healing God. I come to purify through healing grace, the grace that comes from suffering, from abandonment, from loneliness. The purification of hearts allows my children to truly see their Savior. It is not imagination; it is a mystery.

Remember Mary [Magdalene] who wandered in the garden seeking her Savior? Did she recognize Me? She sought the one she imagined Him to be, not the one He had become. She sought the human God, not the Divine. My apostles did not recognize Me, for they did not see the human one, the one they had grown to recognize, but instead saw the one saying to them, “peace be with you” (the Divine One).

As I seek to restore the sight of my precious ones, I draw them close to a heart filled with love. As they approach My love, their sight becomes not as your human sight, but a sight seen through a veil that has been lifted.

My children; do not imagine God, but believe in the God who is a mystery to be solved. One day, my children, this too, you shall know.

[Further notes by Pat.] He blessed us and left us then disappeared into each heart. People expected a person to pray with them, when God Himself was here with them. They received His blessing and His healing touch.*


*Note: How unfortunate the soul that does not recognize the presence of God. He is everywhere yet we have become blind. We search for what we “imagine”, when sadly the one we seek already is mystically within us. We have often been instructed to “see with the eyes of our hearts”. It is with the grace of God’s imparted spiritual vision that our faith once planted as a tiny seed begins to take root, sprouts, and blossoms and becomes the fruit which nourishes our soul. Prayer is the essential nutrient which nourishes our faith. The more we pray, the more our faith will grow.