Message of August 08th, 2008


Our Lady speaks


The following message was received at Mary’s Knoll following the Friday night Rosary.

[Recipient]”She’s with us ……dressed in all different shades of blue lights ……and She says emphatically”……



“I am Your Mother of Consolation. I have been allowed to come this night for this specific reason … to reach the souls most in need of recognizing My Sons great mercy.

My children, when you pray …… pray with joy in your heart …… pray with great expectation … for I console those who mourn … those who weep … those in sorrow … and in these moments, they experience my support … thru love.


Each here tonight … comes with a heart filled with emptiness. I say emptiness … because they have sought only that which brings them comfort, joy and happiness.

When my children learn … to come and pray for those in so grave a need …. their hearts will no longer be empty … but filled to overflowing. They will taste a joy … that has not been tasted before …… for it is one of love of neighbor.


Self sacrifice has sweetened their prayers and empty hearts are now full of love”.


[Pat later related] There are beautiful bright blue butterflies blending all over our Mother. I don’t think they will come to me. May I just enjoy them? Butterflies don’t start out as butterflies. They are confined but one day open and out comes the most beautiful butterfly. We see a blue butterfly that reminds us that hope grows. We remember our Mother’s message of hope. She says they don’t have to be the big, blue butterfly that someone close is requesting. I could fly away but I am too small.A short time later Jesus spoke reiterating the message of His Mother.