August 29th, 2003

 (Recipient) “ My Dear Mother . I renew my commitment to Your Beloved Son, My Lord Jesus Christ ……that these words penetrate the hearts of all who hear them. Touch my lips sweet Mother that all will be purified.”

“My Children,

Speak tenderly to all who seek Gods love and they will see through your nothingness the working of The Holy Spirit. Be humble My Children . Do not seek to avoid humiliation …. but rather rejoice in silent gratitude for the grace the Lord has allowed you to offer Him this gift, which pleases His most merciful heart.” 

(Tongues) “Yes, these times are most difficult. But My Children, you are not asked to do the impossible …you are asked to do the possible with much love for Jesus. In all things you may find a gift to offer My Son ……to appease the wrath that now rages within His Heart. A wrath inflicted by those who ignore and turn their back on Him. He is your only recourse My Children. This must be expressed and accepted by His Children. Love, pure love, must prevail if your world is to survive. We have spoken ….yes …and spoken often of many things …but only through love and continuous prayer will the results come about which will help mitigate the Chastisement that will come.

Dear ones,

 Do not fear when your hope is in the Lord. For He is your protector …..your Savior …your Redeemer. Trust in His mercy ….submit yourselves to His Holy Will and your heart will find joy and peace in service to others.”

(Recipient)  Yes Mother, if I could but see what it is that lies ahead perhaps I could be more prepared. But I know not what Thou would truly have me do. It is only by walking with You day by day that I receive your strength ……know of Your love and share that love. But I am nothing … and in being nothing how can I harm anything or anyone? Shall we seek to be nothing … nothing but children hidden behind the mantle of a Mother who loves us so much? A Mother that leads us to Her Son. Keep us close to You Dear Mother that we will not offend. We will not harm ……we will only love.

 (Tongues) Each tear we share, or rather shed out of love for Her Son, in remorse for our sins, brings Him much joy, for a contrite heart pleases Him most greatly.”