August 8th, 2003

 “My Dear Children,

It pleases Me greatly to see so many gathered together in ardent prayer. I wish this night to take you on a further journey of prayer. Prayer in which you will learn to persevere … prayer in which you will learn to see the face of Jesus. My Son walked the beautiful path in Nazareth. His holy feet running in the dust playfully. His little toes wiggling in the grass. Then His feet journeyed to Gethsemane. His holy feet …. Yes, My Children … His holy feet that began in the dust walked to Gethsemane …. journeyed to Jerusalem and then these holy feet muddied and bruised were nailed to the cross. But this was not the end for these feet nor the end of their journey, but it was the beginning. For these feet …. the feet of My Son, journey with each and every one of you in your daily lives. Did you notice the smile on the face of the child you passed today? Did you notice the old, the worn faces as they searched through dumpsters and  barrels of garbage searching for a meal? Did you look at the eyes of pain the eyes of years of torment and struggle?”

“My Children,

Many times you walk with Jesus … but your eyes have not been opened. For you must learn to see with your heart … to love, as Jesus would have you love. Pray with conviction My Children and when you pray with conviction …. when you say to the mountain ….. be moved ….the mountain will be moved. But who moves the mountain? The one in whom you place your faith.

Recognize the mountains He moves each day of your lives. Each trial …. each moment you hold back an angry word ….an impure thought ….. you turn your back on temptation. Those are mountains, My Children. Do you not recognize them? They are mountains …. and yet through the love of Christ … that they have moved. For you have sought His help … you have believed…you have prayed. For only through prayer and obedience to His words are the mountains of your lives moved. Watch My Children and pray intensely and you will see ever so slightly … each mountain shall move. Beloved ones, I am filled with joy that you have gathered … .but remember, when you gather in prayer your hearts must be one with Jesus … .expect an encounter with love.  No more …… for there is no greater encounter than the encounter with love himself.”

(Visual by recipient)Mother, a small child by a pond. He has no features but the back of a little boy. He has a line in his hand, a string, not even a pole, just a string tied to his little finger … and it has been tossed into the water and he is just a little boy waiting with great expectation for something so wonderful to happen. And the string makes a sudden movement …… and that’s not a fish! Fishing for souls …… it must be Jesus, string in hand not letting go. Patiently waiting for each of His children as He draws the string closer to His heart. He draws each of our souls as well. The light shines so beautifully on the water, it must be sunset … maybe it’s the sunset of our lives. How wonderful to know that He never let’s go. I know He never let’s go. He tied a string to each of our fingers”