August 1st, 2003

(Recipient) “Oh sweet Holy Mother. For She who comes so faithfully to speak with us, to guide us and to help us. Forgive my frailty. Help me sweet mother to hear your words as you speak them this night.”

“Tonight I call you ……the lambs of His field. Which one amongst you has not gone searching ……..leaving behind those gathered together in safety and searched out the one who has lost his way? You go through many trials …… many times of great despair and disappointment. But still you do not give up …  because you know that it is Jesus Himself who left the flock in search of you at some point in your lives. You are now given that responsibility ….for Christ dwells within you. And He sends you into the fields and into the rocky hills and mountains to find that lost sheep ……that child that has gone astray …..that person who has caused you so much pain ….whether it be in your daily life, in your job, in whatever circumstance you may have found yourself. This is a sheep which now comes into the fold and is called by My Son. Each must do the task assigned to him or her whether in good health or in poor ….whether in joy or in sorrow. For through your faith you know that there is hope and in hoping there is love ….love eternal.

My Children,

Many times I have spoken of trials and difficulties in life. And you have accepted My words not knowing fully what those words meant or how they would come about. But a heart that falls in love with Jesus recognizes those obstacles placed before them and does not flee, does not run ….does not hide. But boldly steps forward and reaches out the hand …..the hand of Christ to draw that soul …that sheep …. back into the fold of Christ. Believe My Children, for I have been here many times …. spoken many words. But the word I leave you with is love ….and with love will come the patience to persevere. Always persevere My Children for such love awaits you … a love beyond your imagination. Believe … … but love in spite of all obstacles. Love and you shall reach the reward that God has waiting for each of His beloved children. Rest now for many are tired ….many are fatigued from the journeys of life ….the trials and tribulations. But rest in the peace of Christ.”

(Recipient) There was an inaudible pause in Our Lady’s message which appeared to have been concluded. However, She then left us with the following sentence to contemplate as She more frequently now interjects a word or phrase which allows us to ask ourselves how does this apply in my life?

“You have to have but the intention to save the soul. God recognizes the effort and love with which you strive for souls for His kingdom.”