May 3rd, 2002

 Mary speaks(Pat) On May 2nd Jerry and I returned to Northern Illinois for our annual visit. Around 3:00 p.m. today while sitting in a chair in the family room of our home in Elburn, Illinois, I began to hear a familiar voice and quietly gathered my blessed candle, notebook and pen and headed to the bedroom where I would have privacy for what may follow. My husband was taking a “command performance” nap on the sofa at the time. What was also interesting was the “feeling” he received upon awakening to open the bible and read Jeremiah 26 while I had slipped out of sight. He simply woke up and turned to this particular passage. It may not have any connection with the message I received; however, those knowing my husband are aware he is not a particularly frequent reader of Holy Scripture. Be what it may, we urge you to pray to the Holy Spirit for discernment as you read the following.The message began in prayerful tongues........I know the word “Mother” was mentioned numerous times.

“My beloved children,

Gather tonight as a family in prayer for the world and those who inhabit it. Long for peace and tranquility       beseeching Almighty God for His mercy as
corruption and destruction seek to permeate the slightest crevices of the soul.

Confusion sets in and disrupts peace........ the peace of Jesus.Where lies true peace, but in love and forgiveness. You are being choked by pride and unholy desires of the flesh       disguised as tastefully delicious delicacies at
the expense of your soul. My children, when you truly trust in God, you plainly see how evil and sin coupled together distort truth. Through God’s grace you are given the discernment to see through falsehood with penetrating eyes of love... the

eyes of Jesus.....not judgmentally........... but with the eyes of the heart that
continuously prays for sincere and lasting conversion.

My Son asks for simplicity of the love of God............ . where a holy serenity of
obedience calms the disruption of a world lost beneath a darkened veil of want
(selfishness).......... and needs (charity) subtly surface....... and the fulfillment of
God’s plans become an incomprehensible light which transposes good from evil.
Arise, My children, to life with God............ not to unhealthy impromptu urges whichconfuse and mislead.......... but cling with unquestionable faith to His unending

mercy............. surrender your free will and you will be enraptured in the calming
peace of Jesus”.

 (Commentary): Just a personal thought. Picture yourself standing before God each day of your life and without fear discuss the day...... your accomplishments ...... or lack thereof. Did you do the best you could, but most importantly did you do all out of Love for Him who Loves us so very much? Let the Love of God always be our goal! When we fall short of our goal, let us remember He still loves us. We haven’t failed until we stop trying. Even then He continues to call our name until at last we finally “hear” and say “yes, my Lord... I am coming!