July 6, 2001

(Visual: I saw the Blessed Mother in the most beautiful iridescent shades of pink (the first time I can remember seeing Her in all pink). She had a lantern in Her right hand and a rosary in the left hand. The rosary was made of rose buds but more like a precious stone than an actual flower. The lantern was very bright; however, as I was allowed to see inside, there was neither a candle nor oil to cause the lantern to illuminate with such brilliant light. There was nothing other than light itself. There appeared to be something similar to fireflies emitting from the lantern. These little lights turned into much smaller lanterns which were placed into each of our hands.Our Mother’s lantern appeared to light a stairway of stars leading to Her Son. I was informed the smaller lanterns placed into our hands were to be used to

“search” for souls in need of Her Son. She said), “Never fear for this is the light of God. He will remain with you as He in return asks all of us to remain with Him. Use your lanterns to seek the souls in need of Our Lord’s mercy. The only thing that will diminish the light of your lantern is fear .......................................................................  for when fear comes you fail
to trust in God, and your light will become dim and ineffective in seeking the souls in need of God’s love. As your faith matures, the light of your lantern grows

brighter....... for it is a deterrent of fear itself and thus only the peace and love of
God remains.

Remember, My children, perfect love casts out all fear.”