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January 31st , 2003

(VISUAL) “It’s getting very bright with millions of tiny colors of lights ..... and within these lights I see a most beautiful lady ... a lady who comes to gather us tonight for a simple journey. For she feels the pain ... the suffering ... the anxieties that are oppressing Her children. She smiles just slightly and Her heart ... Her heart is actually pulsating ever so slightly. She reaches out Her hands and invites us to take a very simple journey with Her this night. The lights are so beautiful and so bright and it’s difficult to describe. There appears to be a bench and we’re all gathered around this bench and there’s a sound of running water trickling ...... but constant ..... and the birds are in the trees singing. And there is an aroma ...and the aroma is so delicate. It’s not roses. I am not familiar with it ... the aroma is just ... so calming ... so peaceful. I see as the water has run through the brook the stones have been smoothed in some ways ...... to signify something my Mother, I know.”

“My Child,

The water is love ......... the stones are the souls of Gods children being prepared
through love and the gentleness of His mercy. But we must stand and walk a little further down this brook. What is it My child?”

“It looks like someone has tried to built a dam. There are just a few openings where some water gets through ......where the rocks are smooth. But the other rocks are jagged ... not... not conducive you would think to be smoothed by such a gentle stream. Then the lights change and there is a brilliant blue ...... a sapphire blue and it all sparkles and the water takes on a faster current ... and it washes harshly against these rocks and gradually ...... gradually through the force of the water they begin to crumble and find the place where they will rest and be smoothed by love.”

“Often times My children you lose the meaning of love within your busy lives. You become so involved with ever day happenings and circumstances that the gentleness of love does not penetrate the soul ......but God perseveres. He is persistent .....for you are His children and He will in His love knock down the barriers of stone that you have placed around your hearts ..... and He will melt them into that pool of love of which we often speak. For there must be love ..... there must be unity ....and this can only be accomplished through prayer and obedience to the will of God. So simple is it not My child?”

“It’s beautiful for all the shining souls ... the smooth souls ... the stones that are so smooth ... they glitter... they glitter for they know what love is They found love ... they found the peace of Our Lord Jesus.”

“And what would you say of the others?”

I’m not certain Mother. But I would say ......with God they don’t stand a chance. He loves all of us so intensely that in His pursuit He will win the hearts of all of His children. There’s a change in the air now. Mother summons us to draw close to Her......”

“My Children,

If you are to continue in a ministry of Christ Jesus ... you must be transformed into love. You must ask Our Lord to open wide the eyes of your heart that you may see the suffering soul beneath the jagged rock ..... and then My child ..... through His mercy and charitable love you shall pray with greater fervor. For no soul must be lost .... each has the responsibility to love .... to forgive and to journey on. God awaits ....hear, listen to the gentleness of the spring .... as it washes the love upon the souls of God’s children.”

“Mother, but one or two stones still are remaining. I think I can reach them. I think I can help them down so that the water of love will flow over them ...”“Daughter........ It is in these times when you try to interfere with Gods plan ....
(tongues) ....... for you do not think as God thinks .... so rest in knowing that He is always in control. You are but to love .... to love ..... and continue to love.”
Our Lady of the Sierras Shrine