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January 11, 2002

“My beloved children,

Once again I come to greet thee ..... to bring Our love and Our peace ..... to heal the wounds of your hearts     to restore peace in your families. My children, We

observe you moment by moment.......... day by day...... nothing goes unnoticed. If Iwere to tell you  it would be like a joke as you would say in your terms … the times you strive so hard for holiness …….. and turn around and do just the opposite; but, there is no laughter there is only deep sorrow for you My dear children. Much encouragement is needed for responsibility shall never lessen but increase and you grow tired and you grow bitter ………but these are just trials    for the grace of God shall overcome all things and great joy shall come into your life. As the suns shine its brightness, the sky shall be illuminated and you will see the glory of God. Look up, children ... .look up and see ...... God has so much for you and yet you ignore the small things, which are great miracles. Let Me help you. Start slowly” ………..tongues ……(Commentary by Jerry: This explanation involves discernment to publish the following prayerful conversation below from Pat. Notice the conversation coming from Pat is given in a very personal way [which would appear her very soul speaking to God]. The conversation then appears to come from outside means coming from far beyond what she was initially trying to express to the Blessed Mother. First when Pat asks, “Mother may I speak” she is getting permission to put these words into spoken words to be given to the community. Otherwise as in previous similar situations it would be a time of silence or private tongues. Observe when Pat asks how she can help her brothers and sisters the flavor of the conversation progresses into answers. The conversation then leads into a direct touching scenario of how one might find a means of relating to God. It is indeed touching!)(Pat) “Mother, may I speak?How can my heart contain the love of my Lord? I feel it will burst ...... my feet never touch the ground. The wind swirls around Me, but I never move. I feel

nothing about me......... but my Lord. Where am I Mother? Where have you placedme? Where have you taken me......that life no longer holds me.......... that I wish to
draw so close to you. The warmth from the sun compares nothing to the warmth of Your heart. The beauty of the earth holds nothing to the beauty of Heaven. The fragrance of the flowers holds nothing to the fragrance of Heaven. All these things I smell and see and long in my heart to be with Thee; but, here I lie ...... here I lie unable to move ...... unable to come to Thee. What good am I
Mother ....... what good am I? How can I help Thee.... how can I come to my
brothers and sisters and tell them of such great glory of God and say it is is time.......... conversion must come in all lives! Whatever you are
doing......take time for God! There is nothing to compare in this earth with what
lies ahead. Forget the troubles..... forget the pain..... forget the suffering....... for they
are wrapped as precious gifts, but they are given to us here to enjoy, and yes, I
say enjoy  ....... for that is as God meant them to be........ to offer the precioustreasures......the treasures to Him before His Throne..... Mother what words........... my words will not cease......for I long not to be within me
but with you. My heart cries to thee. I will love and I will do thy will. Forgive my weaknesses......forgive my indiscretions ......forgive those times when I have turned my back on my brother and sister......when I should have embraced them
in my arms. Forgive me Mother......plead for me before thy Son........... My JesusI would not offend Thee My Lord whom I love with all my heart. It is my heart I give to Thee this night. I would sing a song of such beauty if I could sing.......I would praise Thee with such eloquent words if they were mine to use......but I am but nothing       I am no one, but your child, who hides within your heart and says I
love you! Send to me what You will. Give to me what You will... .for all you give
me I shall share....I shall share with joy....... I shall bless as You would have mebless... .speak as You would have me speak....... only take my heart, for it hangs but
by a thread.......a thread of love!

(Jesus) “My child,

This thread of love which you describe is like an umbilical cord attached to bring nourishment to the body .....the other (the thread) bring nourishment  to the soul. Though one is cut ... .the body continues to grow and be nourished. It is the thread of love.....the invisible thread of love ...............................  which is never cut and
continues to draw you to My Fountain of Mercy.”

Our Lady of the Sierras Shrine