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Mass will not be held on January 26, 2020.

No habrá Misa el 26 de Enero 2020.

February 23, 2001 (Tongues) Holy Mary --- pray for us.

“My dear children,

The light of Divine Love has illuminated the path upon which you stand. It is a path well worn by the disciples of love which have come before you. I call you My disciples of love ---- I have called you but you have not heard My voice, but it is the spirit within you which has unmistakably recognized (My voice) and thus has responded.

Dear little children; We invite you this Lenten season to walk in the footsteps of My Son. Reach deeply within your hearts and expel all that is not pleasing to God and ask Him in His mercy to unite that which remains to the Passion of His beloved Son.”

“Dear children, you have been called here to receive many graces and in receiving such graces you are asked to go forth sharing all that you have received with those precious souls still searching yet not knowing for what they search. You are now little lights in the darkness. Little lights illuminating the love of Christ. In extending Our invitation to you for this journey      remember that you will walk
with Jesus ---- you will not escape the burdens of the crosses. There are no short

cuts in this journey------- as you might say ------- there are no end runs, but the
reward is great and it is everlasting if you but persevere.

These next few weeks I shall take you on a journey-------- a journey through the
Passion of My Son. I ask that you pray much --- receive the Sacraments ----
especially reconciliation ---- that you might worthily receive My Son for He is your strength. Without Him you cannot survive. Prepare for this journey for many souls await your positive response to this Our invitation.”
(Visual): I see --- am I to share? It appears that there is a long winding road --- not a modern road but a road of pebbles and stone with jagged edges and curving. There are souls         different colors of lights      not color exactly.
grays, some lighter tones ---- some darker and each one has a cross. There are footprints embedded in the stones. Each one of these souls is diligently trying to step in these foot prints. They are the foot prints of our Lord. There are walls all around this narrow area and yet there are so many souls. I see there are some that are very bright (oh, my) their cross is red. I believe these are those that have been or will be martyred. As I look there are also little souls little forms ---bodies
--- and their crosses----------- their crosses are so large. There are larger forms

and their crosses are smaller. And our Lord says:

"I give to each only what each can bear. The silent little souls in your world often carry the largest cross for their heart knows nothing but love for Me and doing My will. They seek no attention. They seek but to quietly go about doing My will. Yet, I do not judge for those carrying the smallest cross are just as important. All are necessary."

(Visual continued) Way, way in front of the line, as far as I can see, there are beautiful, beautiful people. Very defined features --- faces just glowing. They are the Saints. They are encouraging all of these souls and the souls are not burdened by their cross. They are singing. They are praising God! Their hearts are so full of love. In the crowds there are angels and in their hands    their hands are
extended and they are cupped as though they are holding something so precious. He’s stopping and he’s looking at me. He’s turning so I can see what He ’s holding in his hands. (long sigh --- crying) It’s a child --- it’s a fetus --- -it’s an aborted baby. It never made it ---- it’s his Guardian angel that’s so tenderly carrying that child to God! Why is he still looking? I don’t understand! This little
speck of a child looks at me. (gasp)---------------- It’s my grandchild. It’s my
grandchild. ( much emotion) It’s ok. God has him ---- it’s ok now.
(Note: It’s so important that we never cease praying. Be diligent for we never know who our prayers will touch. How many relatives we have that we may never be aware of ---- how many children that never made it?)
Our Lady of the Sierras Shrine