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Mass will not be held on January 26, 2020.

No habrá Misa el 26 de Enero 2020.

February 2, 2001

"My dear children,

I come to you this night with a heart much lighter than when we met before, but yet there is still much to do for tears still cloud My eyes when I see My Son
left alone in the tabernacles around the world ---- lonely --- yet, loving

waiting--------- waiting for you, My children. You speak of Him, but you do not
speak to Him. He is your friend Who calls you to keep Him company (if only for


a moment) and that (when) you come to Him ---- you are real and without pretense for there are those who profess to be Christians ---- who profess to
love God yet it is pretense of wasted energy for their hearts are void of love and trust in My Son.

I asked that you set aside time on the third Thursday of each month to console My Son, and I love you, little children, for you have tried so hard to obey My wish. Little ones, this is far greater than you can see for you do not realize the souls which cry out to you crying for prayers. They await the call from God to
enter eternity.

Pray, My children, pray and sacrifice for only by these means will you accomplish the purpose for which God has sent you here. So much confusion in your minds -- -- (you ask) Why here? Why not, My children. It is God's choice."

(Visual-Pat) “ I see ---- there are two people --- a man and a woman (very petite and very beautiful --- it appears to be Jesus and Mary) --- yet there is no air of majesty. There is simplicity. There is warmth -- there is humanity --- yet, there is Divinity” (I do not know how to describe, but Our Lord is saying) "Come to Me in your simplicity and I shall greet you in simplicity for love --- Divine love ---- My love ---- will reach out to you on any level, but the simplicity of a child ---- a child that trusts ---- brings the greatest joy to My heart." “They speak, but I do not hear. They glance this way -- nod, and smile and He says;” "Mother, My pure persistent Mother How can I deny you these your children?"

Our Lady of the Sierras Shrine