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December 5th, 2003

December 5th, 2003

“My Dear Children,

During this special time of Advent in which many hearts are busily preparing for the arrival of My Son, I wish to commend you for the manner in which you have undertaken to make this season as it should be ……one of Holy anticipation of the Birth of Our Savior Jesus Christ. Many are making extra efforts to be gifts of themselves to others through deeds of mercy and kindness. How this pleases Our Hearts and aids in the purification of your soul.

As Divine Love approaches, My Heart, which bore True Love, is enraptured by My Son’s precious gift of merciful contemplation placed within each heart, which seeks only to please Him and Him alone. My heart, too, bursts  into innumerable pieces, which seek a resting place within each heart. Let us rejoice together, My Children, as Divine Love searches each heart for that special place which says”…….. “Welcome Lord Jesus!”


“As My continuous gift to you, I shall come the Friday before Christmas (unless Christmas falls upon that exact Friday, in which case I shall come the week before) and bless all items placed on what shall be known as” “Our Mother’s Blessing Table”.  “As in previous years, this table shall be placed near My Statue. As you pray the Memorare, My special blessing shall rest upon each item and extend to the person for whom the item is intended. It is a two-fold blessing and one I will continuously extend as long as My Son allows.

You in turn shall more importantly, place a beautiful treasure box in the Chapel for My Son. This shall be filled with Spiritual Gifts for My Son and shall be taken to Him Christmas morning with joyful songs of praise. I desire this treasure box to be available at the start of Advent in order for more pilgrims to be able to participate with their special “gifts” for Jesus. This too, shall continue annually. Prepare a special table for this treasury of gifts for all to see for this too shall allow the “giver” to receive many graces. All that I ask of you is to have much faith!

Remember these words ……for though My time with you grows short. You shall grow tall as the mighty oaks ……strong and well rooted in your faith. Pray with a sincere heart for with such faith ……mountains shall indeed move!

Rejoice always and in all things be grateful for the hand of God shall rest upon you … to encourage and strengthen you as you continue your journey home.   Peace and joy I leave with you this night.”  

December 12th, 2003

December 12th, 2003

 “My Beloved Children,

I wish to share with you the night of joy ……when My heart was so full. So full of love ……so full of gratitude to Almighty God. For that heart which beat in My womb …..and continuously beats ……one with mine.

Dear children,

This is such a time of joy. If only those children who have strayed could realize the peace and joy that God desires to instill within their hearts. I ask you this night to be so filled with the joy that fills My Heart as it did when I bore My Son. And continuously is filled with joy ….for He has  given Me a great gift as well … .a gift of His Children. I, the Mother of all seek each heart and call each one to the reverent joy of  knowing and loving My Son. Peace My Children …. yes peace I desire for each of you. But you find such peace and such joy in the gift of charity …. a gift of love. Those are the gifts most appreciated by My Son. He sees you in your moments of love when you care for others in whatever way God has given the grace for you to do so. Be pleased My Children that you have found great favor with Him. For your hearts beat as one ….with the One. The One True One who’s love is truth. It means My Children that your life is a continuous journey of trials also and foremost, a journey of charity and love.

Tell Me My Children on which store shall you purchase charity and love? Is there a sale which so many have rushed to take advantage of … or is the great sale a gift that God wishes to give you found in peace, in love and in charity? You have chosen well little favored ones. Continue to seek the face of Christ as you  await His coming in eager anticipation. It is the faith also in those who come. Rejoice continuously in this season of Advent …. of preparation. Yes, of continuous preparation. For you do not know with whom you speak and of what results your kindness and love shall bring about in that person’s life. Souls My Children … it is about souls. Great is your responsibility but greater still is the love bestowed upon you to accomplish your mission. Rejoice with Me as He eagerly awaits to share His peace …….with His children.”

(Visual by recipient) “The angels sing as they gather about Our Mother. Not songs as we know them but beautiful melodies words cannot describe. Bells ring in preparation for such a beautiful, beautiful time. There are so many (angels) …… all different sizes, all gathered around Her with such joy and in anticipation. How beautiful and how humble She remains”.  (repeated sighs)  

December 19th, 2003

December 19th, 2003

(This Christmas message was given through the recipient and recorded during the Friday night Rosary. The dimly lit prayer room had been especially prepared with decorations, candles and a small nativity scene placed inside the fireplace. This particular evening was one of special joy in anticipation of the blessing of our special items.)

(Recipient) “How beautiful thou are this night, all in white. A  gold sash……the lights penetrating through Her gown, again like gossamer…(transparent) gold, white, beautiful lights. The lights of a beautiful holy face of The Mother of God………………Oh Mother.”

“My Dear Child,

It is with great joy that I see the emotion in the hearts of so many of My faithful children. For it is by faith that they have come this night bringing their precious gifts once again for My blessing ….. a blessing I will soon bestow upon them. Do not be dismayed or lose focus My children when things do not go as you have planned. For I tell you truly …..that they are done according to God’s plan be at peace. No anxiety of the heart, but only prayer with the heart to ease the pain and suffering of this world.

Rejoice My Children, for by your faith, many will be blessed. Many will come to know My Son …. to love Him and to serve Him. My message is brief but My blessing to each one here this night ….especially the precious little ones, will extend through their lifetime as well as yours. And the gifts that you have brought too, carry a special blessing as well, for all who receive them.

I smile as I look about the room and see the candles burning…..the warm fireplace … a beautiful manger scene. All the beautiful items that have been brought, so many with beautiful memories that touch your hearts, will now  touch them even more deeply. Be at peace My Children as I Your Mother bless you this night. See My Angels as they gather amongst you, touching each and every one of you. Oh My Children, should the scales fall from your eyes you would utterly expire ……for the beauty which lies before you.

Peace My Children and My blessing.”

Recipient) “So beautiful and the lights. She says you have but to look at the stars above this Holy Place to see that God has well lit His Holy Mountain.”