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Mass will not be held on January 26, 2020.

No habrá Misa el 26 de Enero 2020.

April 4th , 2003

April 4th , 2003

(The following message was received during the Friday night Canyon Rosary at Mary’s Knoll. The visual given in this message continues to follow the Passion of Christ as indicated by Jesus in the messages of 3-14; 3-21; and 3-28,03. The text style has been contrasted to clarify the conversations.)(Jesus) “Did I not say My Child.......... there would be more difficult times ahead?”(Recipient) “Yes My Lord ... ...and I have tried to avoid these times. I have tried because You have taken me there before and I was unable to help. I was unable to do anything but bring Thee comfort. And what little comfort it was with this poor soul. But my heart is yours ...and wherever You lead me this night I shall follow. I shall run if You run ahead of me ......and I shall catch up with Thee ....and together ... together this night, we will remain as one.”

“What do you see?”

“I see the scene where You left me before ... at a deep dark stench filled dungeon into a starlit sky, but void of any sign of life.”

“Listen carefully.”

“So many voices ... there’s so many voices My Jesus ...... but I can’t see them. And now you are bound ... bound once again and in Your pain and sorrow You struggle forth. What would Thou have Me do?”

“I would have thee be My faithful servant who loves and forgives. I would have you hear the words that torment My very soul. I would have you see the marks upon My Body. I would have you see the glaring lights of the eyes of My children as they penetrate with hatred and I would have you turn all of this into love.”

“My Jesus ......We are heading to Pilate. (sigh) ... No cross, no cross, My Jesus. I should carry the cross. I am the one ...... I am the one. Not Thee O Loving Savior.”

“And where are all of My Faithful Ones who followed Me and stayed with Me all these years? Whom I taught and brought to fulfillment in their mission while my life was still meant to be upon this earth? Look do you see them?”

“ I see some familiar faces. Mainly women and the little ones. And I see a very frail young man (John) who peers behind a column to catch a glance of Thee. And I see that your eyes meet, but there are no spoken words. Such love ... My Lord, such love. Would Thou teach me how to love in all this adversity ... in all this turmoil ......when I know what’s going to happen! How My God do I ...... to love and feel the pain ... and turn the pain to joy?”“There’s a door. I don’t know where I am. I knock on the door and there’s no answer. But the door slowly opens ... and I see .... I see You My Mother all dressed in very dark blue. Such strength You must have. And the young one (John) ... who hid behind the pillar and followed You, is with You. (Mother) ...and I hear.”“That He (John) must be strong. That he must be forgiving as The One he loves so intensely forgives.”“I hear a conversation ... like questions”. “where is He now ......what have they done? Tell me ... tell me truthfully.” “He suffers, ... but He is bearing up.”

(Mary to John) “My Son, I desire only the truth .....and the full meaning of the truth. For know I have walked this journey with Him .....and felt the pain .....the

sorrow and the shame. We must go now ....but first this table.” “There’s a table ... a cloth ... cup ... some utensils. She says”.“Take these .....gather them carefully .... put them away. We will hide them here in the shelf and then we will hurry. We must hurry .....we must be quick.”“Everything is done so quickly. The door opens and He leads Her down this path from this little house.”“Oh God ...... (sigh ... sigh) .... He already carries His Cross. This cross which should be mine, He carries. And I search for His face ... and the blood has blurred His vision .. and His hair is mangled ... and His beard is torn. But His eyes ... His eyes are radiant. It is as though He were saying with just the look of His eyes.”“It is almost over … almost complete now. But though My journey here will
soon end ....yours will continue. And you must lean to love as I love ..... to

forgive as I forgive .........  to embrace those that would turn their back on you.
Allow them to feel the beat of Our Hearts that say” “I love You.” “ Do not concern yourself with what shall follow .....for we have been there before. But each time you take this journey you will learn a new lesson .... a new way of life.... a new way to separate yourself from the ways of this world into a world of spiritual life. It is there where you will dwell with Me .... spiritually My Child .... without fear and complete control. For I dwell within you. I am your strength. Trust Me, but do not leave Me. For these journeys are most important.”

“He stumbles ... He stumbles. His knees ... His right knee is torn. The bone barely exposed. And His Cross rubs against the rough stones causing more pain, more affliction. I want to run .... I want to run not away ... I want to run to You. I want to run. I want to kiss that cross. I want to help You My Lord. Let me carry my piece ..... my piece of the cross. For I shall follow You wherever You shall go. Just say the word My Lord. For I am but your child who runs after the one she loves.”(After the conclusion of the Rosary the recipient of the message was directly told by Jesus to speak to the group to clarify certain parts of the visual message. The recorded talk transcribes as follows:)“I can remember that Our Lord was actually taking us through the Passion and not only allowing us to see the horror of what was happening, but to learn, to learn a lesson somewhere in that particular episode of what He was talking about. Tonight what struck me, when we had come out of the dungeon area and we were on the street, just Jesus and myself and He said” “Listen what do you hear” “you hear all of these voices and the sad thing is these voices were calling out all kinds of blasphemies, all kinds of terrible things. They weren’t singing Hosannas in the Highest, they were calling Him terrible, terrible names. These were people OurLord loves, healed, embraced and in an instant of time, it seemed as so every evil had been released, to come into the hearts and souls of these people that erased the beauty of God’s love for that instant. That He had to as part of His journey feel the rejection, even though He loved and He knew at the time that these people were so grateful and how much they loved Him. I was listening to the voices. I couldn’t discern what was being said, but He told me that these were people that He had healed. The blind He gave sight, the lame that walked. All of these precious people, they weren’t shouting” “Save Him, save Him, save Him”. “It was an unleashing of Satan’s desire to take us away from Our Lord, to allow us not to see that love is the most powerful thing there is and Jesus who sits upon that wall (references the mural in the prayer room at Mary’s Knoll) who holds (in His hands) that cross, Chapel, Madonna, who hangs upon the crucifix, is the same loving God that listened to all of these people, that listens to us today. We’re all guilty. We all have a moment that we wish we had not said something that came out wrong. It came out the way we wanted it to, but it hurt somebody and above all it hurt God. So each night if we’re just learning a slight lesson, I praise God for that. I praise God that in the hour of insignificance, in the dust that we are, He loves us so much to have gone through such horror for each and every one of us and I pray that we find that love, that we never stop searching for that unconditional love that draws us closer to Him and to each other. I praise you Jesus and God bless each of you.”

April 11th, 2003

April 11th, 2003

(The visual given in this message continues to follow the Lenten Passion of Christ as indicated by Jesus in the messages of 3-14; 3-21; 3-28; and 4-7-03.) (visual by recipient) “Yes, I hear You My Lord. Thou must give me great strength, if I am to repeat what Thou would have me see. It’s very hot ……and many, many people line these narrow streets ……and Jesus as He is, struggles to carry His cross. No one sees me. I’m right in the middle. It’s though I am walking right besides Him. I have to stay close. No one sees me. [sigh] My Lord.

He walks with great difficulty ……bearing His Cross. He falls with great pain. He struggles to His feet ……more pain…more suffering. But He goes on. Is there no compassion? Why are they so angry? Everyone is angry. They gather closer to Him …but the soldiers force them back …and then He falls.  At what point this is I cannot tell, but one of the soldiers realizes He is too weak to continue and he summons this man. He has a child and a little burro and he calls him.” “come, carry…assist this man”.  He’s very unwilling at first. He obviously doesn’t want to do it and he turns to his son, whispers something in his ear and sends the little one down the path with the burro. He helps lift the cross ……for Jesus is now too weak …too weak to carry it.

 I see a frail lady, child like …she’s so small a woman, she defies the guards and rushes to help her Lord. She only briefly takes a cloth. It is  pressed to His face to wipe away the blood and all the filth that He now bears. There’s no talk, no communication ……only the look, the look acknowledging love for one another. She’s forced back … she’s  forced back into the crowd.

 The pain from His People’s reactions is more distressing. It is though it opens the wounds so much wider. When love has been rejected the wounds  open…but what comes forth is only compassion and  love. They’re close now …they’re really close(to Calvary). It is barren and desolate. The hill (mound) not very big is crowded with people. Some (way in the back) are dressed differently …silent though, but their thoughts are gleeful.” “this will teach Him they say …this will end it all.”

“They are in place now. The hole is ready; the cross has been tossed on the ground and Jesus too has been made to lie down, very gruffly tossed on the ground. He sees His executioners and still there is no bitterness …there is no anger, but only love. They don’t understand Father…I know. I can hear them talking …now the stake is picked up. His right arm first…there is already a hole. (sigh) Then you hear metal against metal and once …twice …three times … making sure it is secure. Then they take His left arm …someone is kneeling on His chest. He can’t breathe and they have prepared a stake or spike …and the hand doesn’t line up with the hole. Just like last time (referencing last years vision)…it doesn’t line up. And  they pull and they yank His arm out of joint …and then they take the stake with the hammer and again…metal against metal. He says nothing …quietly just sighs …and then this un-kept person gets off His chest and now sits upon His legs. The hole seems too short but they lifts the legs slightly and start again …metal against metal [sigh] and then finally …finally it’s over. And the cross is lifted and dropped into this hole and His whole body jerks. The crown that is worn on His head is knotted badly at the back of the neck …and it bleeds as it turns so violently back against the cross and the sharp thorns on the forehead spout more blood. He looks …looking for those He loves …and finally someone, an officer I think, recognizes His Mother and allows Her to come up with John. He doesn’t question John.  John assists Her and together they stand and kneel and they too are cursed. And time lapses now…for God’s work is almost complete. But He suffers so to breathe …His throat burns…it burns …there is no relief. There is the peace in knowing He has served His Father and will be the Savior of the World. It becomes very dark ……almost frightening the way it’s gotten so dark ……mid afternoon but it’s dark …people are becoming nervous. The crowd is starting to back away. Jesus and Mary’s eyes meet. He speaks to Her…to John and finally with what little strength He has left He raises His head
so slightly …His eyes toward heaven and says”  “Father” …(The scene ends).

(Tongues) “My Child, this you shall say. These cruel but yet unknowingly bitter souls have tried to destroy Truth …..but what is Truth?  Pilate asked”…… “Is it true?” “ And yet He did not pursue asking” … “what is truth”?  “Truth asks only to be known in order that it may teach. I am the Truth …come to me and I will lovingly and with great patience teach you the way that leads to truth. Come My Children there is  nothing to fear …for you must grow in your faith ….you must be strong in My Words …and you must always rely on My Truth. I am He who lives and thirsts for souls. Come to Me … come to Me at My table … receive the food to nourish your soul …the food of eternal life”.

April 25th, 2003

April 25th, 2003

(The following message was received during the Friday night Canyon Rosary. We were surprised to again personally hear from Our Blessed Mother as there were some indications the messages would be less frequent. We continue to believe that if these messages are heeded and bear fruit more could follow.) 

“My Dear Children,

You have emerged from these 40 days of penance and sacrifice scarred by Divine Love. What were My words to you prior to this Lent? Did I not tell you this would be a most difficult Lent? There were the trials, circumstances and devastations upon devastations. You My children awakened to the love of Our Most Merciful God. You wish to make many changes in life. I say change must first begin within each heart. Until you learn to succumb to the fragrance of The Divine Will ….you will be unable to understand that the scars of Divine Love are etchings beautifully engraved in each soul ……allowing that soul to be purified and perfected before the eyes of Almighty God.”

“I bless you this night with a Mothers love for your continued perseverance and  I shall intercede for each of Our Children before the Throne of God. I shall remain with you through this journey. Be not afraid O Little Children of God …..but confidently walk in the Masters steps and you shall reach your goal of life eternal ….. filled with happiness and joy as you enter the Kingdom of God.”
 (Visual by recipient) “I see what appears to be ……it looks like where a storm has gone through and there’s  great destruction. I see just piles and piles of debris. Wood ash … like a great fire might of gone through It’s not pleasant to see. For surely there must have been a loss of life. It brings sorrow to my heart to see such things. The ashes are parting …there are tiny lights emerging through the debris. Looks like little sprouts of  some sort and then a greater light from above shines down and these little seedlings find the strength to push themselves through all of the debris which must be the trials of life . And they are the souls that have loved Our Lord and have fought so valiantly to follow His Will. No struggle has kept them from Him. For love ……all souls search for love…Divine Love.”

(The following text is transcribed from the recorded audio oration given by the recipient after her visual. She attempts to explain what was previously given. )

“This was one of the first times that I remember that Our Lady had spoken of the Divine Will in such terminology. When I heard the words scarred by Divine Love, I wondered if I had heard correctly and then She said”

“Unless we learn to succumb to the fragrance of The Divine Will, we cannot understand the scars of Divine Love which are etchings carved beautifully into our souls and these are nothing more than the everyday trials. The disappointments ... all those things that come our way that we have to deal with …..those things allowed by God. We’re His masterpiece. He is carving us using our sorrows and our pains. Molding us into the people that He calls His children. All through Lent we walked the suffering of Our Lord and now She is telling us that the journey made us more beautiful because we endured with love. All sacrifices, whatever came our way. Whether we understood it or not we trusted in the Mercy of Our Lord. I praise God for this evening and I thank our Blessed Mother for returning to us. For speaking to us so gently. For teaching us with so much wisdom and promising us that God will never leave us and She will always be our intercessor that tells us that we need to pray. To keep ourselves in a state of grace so that we might prove ourselves worthy servants. Worthy children of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. These evenings are very special. We never quite know what is going to happen but we praise God that He has blessed us so abundantly. That He has placed this Holy Mountain in an area accessible to many people who are able to not only find, but literally feel the peace and the love of Our Lord Jesus Christ.  Praise be to Jesus.”