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March 7th, 2003

March 7th, 2003

“My Child, what does thou say this night?”

(Recipient)........... Mother...... I’ve had so little time to prepare fully
understand what you have been revealing to me. So I submit myself totally to your care.”“Will you come with me My child?” “Of course Mother,There’s a beautiful scene of many hills ... little valleys and a town ... a village in the distance and all in lights. It’s a figure of a man. He walks very slowly ...... deliberately with great grace. He looks upon the town below but His eyes quickly turn upwards. The sky now filled with stars. Seems to take on a meaning of such depth that I can barely express in words. ( yes ) As Jesus raises His eyes towards the heavens ... a huge cup ... chalice, as we would call it. It forms and the stars take many colors to distinguish the cup separately from the darkness surrounding it. The cup though huge, now comes down into the raised hand of Jesus. He stands prayerfully holding this cup and looking up, praying. I only hear “Father”. He’s going to turn. Mother, hold My hand. He’s going to turn! The cup ... no handsholding it comes toward me and I’m told to look and to drink. I take the cup ...... press it to my lips and what seems sweet is bitter. I want to reject it. I want to reject it . No more ... it’s bitter. But now there’s much peace. The cup returns to the hand of Jesus and in an instant is back high in the sky ... so large. I need you Mother ...... help explain ...”

“The cup My child is the cup from which each must drink … is the cup from which My Son first drank. The bitterness …..the taste of sin. For all are filled with sin. But by My Son drinking this cup the bitterness turns to sweetness …… a sweetness of absolution for you and all of His children who willingly walk this Lenten journey ……bearing your cross as each trial comes uniting itself to your particular cross. They are but petals from the roses ……graces sent by Jesus to strengthen you and to allow your sufferings to reach and touch suffering souls throughout the world. For this is a journey for souls ……and now is a time of
great power …..of great significance. For all your efforts, your sacrifices will be
united with those of My Son.”

(Tongues) “Father”...... (Mary) “My child,

I shall not be with you this Lenten season as I have been …..but you will receive the strength           as you will carry many crosses. Do so out of love ……out of
gratitude and the souls for whom you pray will rejoice one day with you as you come before My Son. Do not despair ……but accept what comes with joy. Jesus will not leave you …..nor will I . But the cup shall pass amongst you and each must choose to drink ……or not. It is your choice. Will you let this opportunity to aid in the salvation of souls pass you by ……or will you gratefully hold out your hand and grasp the cup to drink your portion?”

March 14th, 2003

March 14th, 2003

Again this year as we journey into Lent we are blessed with a renewed graphic journey following The Passion of Jesus Christ.

(Jesus) “My Children,

What are earthly possessions …..but just that. Possessions that shall turn to dust ……leaving the true teeth into which we shall enjoy the meal of truth. Truth and love shall prevail, dust shall scatter …….but love and truth shall remain forever.I have questions for you this night. Questions that each must discern in their own hearts. As I speak …… I will listen to the response from your heart. What do you say when you see your Savior . . ..about to be sacrificed for you and for all sinners?

What do you say Little Children of Mine? Are you the seed that will be planted as I too will be planted .....and shall you .... as Children of God bring forth the shoots of new life ….new hope thanksgiving to Almighty God .....or are you the children that have been lulled asleep and missed the opportunity to receive the graces that God has showered upon you …...because you have been obsessed with the love of self and of possessions. Think my children …..think of the souls in need of Harvesting. Think as you grow ….as the seed within your souls grows and matures .....and is filled with the love and the life of God. Think of those souls. Love them, caress them .....bring them to the Table of Plenty where God Himself shall shower them with His Divine Love ….and once showered with Divine Love .....there is no other path ….there is only the path to love and to forgive.

Children you must journey with Me this Lenten season ......for I shall take you places where you have not been. I shall show you things you have not seen. Look into the depths of your heart. See a garden surrounded by small trees                see the
stars in the skies and see Me on My knees asking My Father if this is His will. For
Thy will be done Father ... not as I would have it ...... but as You, My Father commanded.

Are you ready … hear the whispers of love ……which God gives to each of
you  ...and are you willing with a joyful heart sprout forth the joy and the
compassion for your brothers and sisters? Do you think that it was easy for Me as
I came into the garden ......knowing My Disciples would sleep  ……and yet therewas work to be done.............. salvation depended upon it. My Father sent Me I was to fulfill His purpose.” ( Tongues)

“When you contemplate My prayerful time with My Father.............. when I asked in
silent prayer to be spared this cup and yet I knew that My Father’s will must be
obeyed ..... could you not see the turmoil ..... the meticulous beatings of My body ..... in which flesh was torn ..... and yet there was a purpose. My children, your flesh is not torn as mine ...but your crosses are heavy .....and I ask you to walk with Me .....and we will carry our crosses together to Almighty God. Let us give Him thanks and praise for the love He has for each of us. We are all called ..... it is how we respond that makes the difference. Be filled with the patient understanding joy that God pours forth upon you during this time. Pray My children. Pray for courage ....pray for understanding .....but above all pray for love. For as I said .....all will pass away ...but love. Divine Love will remain

forever …..and I bless each and every one of you …….in the name of The
Father and The Son and The Holy Spirit.”

(Visual by recipient): I was allowed to see Jesus take a piece of His clothing and wipe the blood that had emitted from His body. Jesus then took the cloth and placed it beneath the rock out of sight. He knew what lay before Him and He wished to cause no further consternation to His beloved disciples. Jesus then acknowledged Himself to His pursuers as the One they were seeking.

March 28th , 2003

March 28th , 2003

(The following message was received during the Friday night Canyon Rosary at Mary’s Knoll and has been transcribed from the audio recording. The realistic [by body movement from the recipient] visual given in this message continues to follow the Passion of Christ as indicated by Jesus in the messages of 3-14; and 3- 21, 03. We urge you to pray to the Holy Spirit for discernment as you read the following. )

“My Child,

Tonight we again continue our Lenten journey. This is a recognized place for you.”

[Recipient visualizes a dungeon] “Yes My Lord. But it is one that brings great wounds to my heart.”

“But thou must have courage now child ........ for you shall find some meaning as
we take this journey.”

“It is always so dark and dense ... and so difficult to see. It’s so dim ...  the lights ...... barely enough to see. I have to feel the wall.”“Then feel the wall .......... and what do you feel?”“The stones ... moist ...damp ... but mostly the darkness. I can’t see the steps very well ... so I have to cling to the wall.”“And what is different this time my child?” (Jesus reference a similar dungeon view given last year)“This time I will not run .... I will not leave Thee .... I will come to comfort Thee. And each stone that I will touch ...... will remind me of a temptation that Your grace averted. Then I shall count them as precious jewels for souls. But you’re no longer beside me.”

“But I have not left you.”

“I know. It’s getting a little brighter. I think my eyes are becoming a little more accustomed to this ...... the dimness of the lights. I can make out what appears to be cells. Even though I see ... the stench has never left. The stench is still the same and I fear I shall be sick. Oh My Lord ... what have they done ... what have they done?”“Here My Child........... “I am looking....”“Further down......... “I will not run .... I will come....”“You have found Me my loved one.......... “But there’s a door ... I cannot see! Just barely ... Oh ... My God ......”

“Look not at the wounds.......... but concentrate on the face of love. Do you see
your wounds inflicted upon My Body?”

“There are so many ... but I know mine are amongst them ...”

“And does that mean I love thee less? I called you to comfort Me ... to spend a few moments with Me in My agony where I might hear the sweetness of your love.”

“My Jesus ...... My Jesus. If I could but kiss each wound ...... to bring thee relief ... to bring thee healing ...... I would do so. But who am I but this frail creature who loves thee ... but yet is incapable.”

“It is enough to know that you bring comfort to Me. Because you bring me your heart bring Me your love …...and that alone will sustain Me. It is time for
you to leave. For you must gather your strength. For more difficult times are ahead and I need your prayers. I need the love of My simple creatures .... My children who love Me and repent. For they see the stench is not the surrounding

areas of filth ......... but it is the stench of sin itself which will be cleansed and
purified by every drop of My Blood. Bid Me farewell as we gaze into each others
eyes ..........  for we shall meet again My Child.”

“I do as Thy say ....... But I would stay with Thee and I would comfort Thee.” “Obedience 

“Yes ...... I will do as Thy say. It’s so difficult to walk back. It’s as though I’ve had some potion to drink that binds me that I cannot feel ...... that I cannot touch and ...... I find the wall ... just enough light to see the steps ......and I struggle up the stairs and I envision You, My Lord, as you must struggle up these stairs with all the wounds. Even Thy poor feet ... to feel every pain ... to feel all that we have brought upon You. But yet there is a great over powering sense of grace. My Lord, I love Thee and I shall do whatever Thou asks. It is not important now that I understand. For surely my poor mind could not. But I wrap Thee in my love ... and I leave Thee. But only for a short while ... until we are joined together. I seem to touch the top step and it is as though I am standing outside on a clear street. No one ... no vehicles ... no carts ... no horses. I am standing there and I lift my head.”“Father are my Father too. Strengthen your Son for He is our only chance to be with You one day in eternity.”

March 21st, 2003

March 21st, 2003 (Angel greeting) “Children of God,

Rejoice and prepare thyself .......... for The Almighty stands in your presence. Hear
His words your hearts ..... receive Him.”

(Jesus) “My child,

It is what I wish you to see this night ....the journey that you shall take and those that follow. Look deeply within My eyes that you may see My pain and see My joy    for I come for each of My Children.” (Visual by recipient) I see My Lord as I do not remember seeing Him before ......tall ...regal. Yet He is gray ...almost a mask of pain and suffering ......and He flees into the open arms of His Mother with the embrace and praise where their hearts are united ...beating in unison unison for souls. Each looks at each other ...there are no spoken words         but each one knows that they shall part now. For He has a mission ... a mission to complete. I see the sorrow in the Mothers face that understands the pain of their child ...and yet knows She must let go. For His mission is also Her mission. For no matter where either may be ......their hearts are always joined ...always united. He steps back ... She trembles. He places His hands on Her upper arms ...cups Her lowered head in His hands ......raises Her face to meet His eyes once again. For they know what must come. He begins to walk away ...turns once more with a reassuring glance of love ...of complete understanding and then hurriedly begins His journey down this path away from this house ...away from this heart that clings so tightly to His.My Lord I know not why you have placed me here ...what is it that I am to do? You ask me to be a mother ...... a mother to many ......and I wish to place my arms around this Holy Mother and dry Her tears and ease Her suffering ...and yet I am so unworthy. But She regains Her composure, sadly but regally.I hear myself whispering. I must run now Mother... I must run. I must catch up with him because he can’t be alone ... we can’t leave Him alone. I beg Thy permission to stay with Him ...... to go with Him every step He takes ... to bear His pain ... the sorrow that He feels... and I’m running and I’m running ...... and I reach the garden ... and it’s too late. They are gathered around Him (He is already bound with ropes and chains). Ropes and chains around Divine love? I don’t understand Mother, for ropes and chains are but straw compared to the strength of Love. Only straw binds Thy mighty love. But You choose to be bound ... to be dragged literally. You can barely walk. They have bound you so tightly and they forced you to go through these bushes ... and the limbs swipe against andscratch your face. Even little pieces of hair cling ... and they harshly treat you. Their words I cannot repeat. For I am there My Jesus ... little as I am ... the dust that I am. To make reparation for all those sins that have been committed against Thee ... and for which Thou shall endure much.

There’s a stream. I don’t know how He is going to cross the stream when He can’t even walk .        and they drag Him ... they drag Him and His head goes into the
water and it strikes a stone and blood comes on the stone. But they don’t care ... and they lift Him up. They lift Him up only because they know only more horror is in store for Him. This One who claims to be the Son of God. This meek ... humble ... loving soul that now stands covered with mud ... with filth ... . covered with our sins. I want to run to Him and I want to run. What have I got? I have nothing. I want to wipe Him off and clean Him and make Him beautiful as He is ... and yet I can’t ... there is nothing. But I will praise My Lord and I will join my heart with yours and beg Thee never to be separated from Thee. Allow me, Lord, to take the abuse... to take the insults ...... to take the offenses in reparation for all that has been committed against Thee. And He stands there and with the most loving look I see in His eyes ... and He whispers to me”
“Love, My child, love them, forgive them and if you love and if you forgive …..we shall complete this journey together. You know what comes.  My child, I love you.”