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Mass will not be held on January 26, 2020.

No habrá Misa el 26 de Enero 2020.

October 1, 2002

(Update - October 2002). Before any new messages (if given) are published they will be approved for publication by Pat's new spiritual advisor. Pat's new spiritual advisor is her confessor and pastor, Fr. Greg at St. Andrew the Apostle Catholic Church in Sierra Vista, Arizona.On October 4, 2002 a private message, presently not to be published was received during the Friday Rosary.No public message was received on October 11, 2002

October 18, 2002

October 18, 2002

“My dear children,

I come as the consoling Mother to bring peace into the anxious hearts and trouble minds. I come to call you to deeper contemplative prayer. For without prayer …. you become vulnerable bait for the traps of despair and temptation.

God loves you, little children, and He wishes you to be united with Him in His love. To become united with God, you must relinquish the self will in your lives ... that God will be the only focus. Look into the eyes of Jesus …… the love that He has for you.”

“My child, (Here Our Lady wishes to emphasis that She speaks to each of us individually; therefore, the reference has changed from a general “grouping” of Her children to a more specifically direct approach to each individual “child”)

What price can you put on unconditional love? You are treasures........... priceless
treasures to God and in loving God and uniting yourself to Him you own the

greatest treasure. For the things of the world shall fade and grow dim............. then
your spirit will yearn to soar and be united with God. Trust in His mercy for the
perils of this world are great and My heart weeps as My eyes too fill with

tears............ for My children are so unprepared. (tongues) You, My little children,
My little faithful remnant, must go forth ...... filled with God’s Spirit doing His Will. Into the Harvest you go … and blessed you shall be for the Holy Spirit shall always be with you. For the strength and courage you need to persevere, will always be there. Be bold, my children. Now is not the time to be timid, but with great love … stretch out your arms to embrace your brothers and sisters . For so

many are in need............ so many wounds to be healed. The time is dark, but the
light shall shine brightly if you persevere.”

 (Visual): (Tongues) ..... (Singing is heard in the background from the prayer group) I see a shield ...... is that right Mother?..... a shield ...... a huge shield in the sky. It looks like a shield against a blackboard. It is illuminated so brightly. In the center of the shield there are three letters. P...A...X, all in red. Beside the shield is a very large sword gleaming against the darkened sky. Beautiful to see. The shield is “silence” The sword is “love”.  We are being armed with the shield of silent love. This is our weapon. Above all else ...“love” will conquer all.

October 25, 2002 (Mary speaks)

October 25, 2002 (Mary speaks)


We shall go slowly this night, for you bear much. For the soul in need of this ..... your time of trial. This you shall tell my children.”

“My Dear Children,

God has bestowed upon each of His children ...........  treasures ..... graces from
heaven which you are to uncover and use for the glory of God. Many are unaware of such graces. For each day new life begins and this is in itself a great treasure ... another gift from God. How well do you use such treasures? You My disciples of Mercy have been trained as merciful servants of My Son .... helping the needy
loving the unloved. You have seen the treasure buried deeply within the
hearts of those God places upon your path. Help those precious children to discover the treasure within their own lives. Those who carry much pain and suffering ….. dwell only upon the pain and suffering  …. and fail to see the beauty and the joy in presenting such suffering, such trials, to Our Lord. (Inaudible conversation by recipient) Yes child, you see what my daughter?”

(Visual) “I see a large book. I think it’s a book but it looks like a book of maps. I haven’t seen this before ...... help me mother. (pause) Each page is a map of sorts. (The only way I can explain it.) It begins with a great burst of light and a journey as the lines progress across the pages. Little signs, little detours denoting significant instances in each life where they have received graces from God and have either used them well or do not realize they have received them. It is as though the gift was in vain, but God used it in His own way to serve His purpose. I’m looking at all the pages. There are all these names, and apparently every one of God’s children has a page. You can see the journey their life has taken. How those served Him so well and were so filled with joy even though the map ... ( the pages were worn and some appeared torn). But you can see also that they have been mended and it’s as though they were never torn. But it’s the healing grace of God that restored this life. For it had much to accomplish for the glory of God. (How unusual ......... is that mine mother?) As I turn the pages some have but the moment of conception and then there are no lines and there are no detours ...... their life never began, as we know it.” 

“My child,

Do not be disturbed … for this is a great gift to see that all life has a purpose. All life is beautiful and all life is truly a gift from God … that must be treasured at all costs. Treasure each moment …… for you know not if there shall be another.”