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Mass will not be held on January 26, 2020.

No habrá Misa el 26 de Enero 2020.

July 6, 2001

July 6, 2001

(Visual: I saw the Blessed Mother in the most beautiful iridescent shades of pink (the first time I can remember seeing Her in all pink). She had a lantern in Her right hand and a rosary in the left hand. The rosary was made of rose buds but more like a precious stone than an actual flower. The lantern was very bright; however, as I was allowed to see inside, there was neither a candle nor oil to cause the lantern to illuminate with such brilliant light. There was nothing other than light itself. There appeared to be something similar to fireflies emitting from the lantern. These little lights turned into much smaller lanterns which were placed into each of our hands.Our Mother’s lantern appeared to light a stairway of stars leading to Her Son. I was informed the smaller lanterns placed into our hands were to be used to

“search” for souls in need of Her Son. She said), “Never fear for this is the light of God. He will remain with you as He in return asks all of us to remain with Him. Use your lanterns to seek the souls in need of Our Lord’s mercy. The only thing that will diminish the light of your lantern is fear .......................................................................  for when fear comes you fail
to trust in God, and your light will become dim and ineffective in seeking the souls in need of God’s love. As your faith matures, the light of your lantern grows

brighter....... for it is a deterrent of fear itself and thus only the peace and love of
God remains.

Remember, My children, perfect love casts out all fear.”

July 13, 2001

July 13, 2001

This is not a message from Our Blessed Mother as we are more accustomed to receiving them, and perhaps that makes what I am about to say take on a different tone – like someone ringing a bell very loudly and saying wake up! The days leading up to the Friday night rosary were a little different than usual. It is difficult to put my finger on one particular thing – it was as though something was missing, but I could not accurately discern what that “thing” was. It was a busy week with lots of mental annoyances; however, we’ve been through thosebefore and Our Blessed Mother has always been there to guide us along the right path. This time, however, there was a major difference.Friday night came and we had a beautiful diverse group of people all gathering to sing and pray the rosary. I took my usual place in the back area and prayed with the group waiting for the time She would come and reveal Her message to us. That time did come and She did speak However, I was the one gently “hit between the eyes” when I heard Her say – “My child, you are not prepared”. To me, that said it all. I finally realized what that “thing” was that was missing earlier during the week. I had lessened the intensity of my prayers in trying to do what I thought needed to be done rather than spending the quality time with God. I compromised! I didn’t even realize that there was indeed a message – a very powerful message – for myself in particular, but perhaps for everyone else in general.Friday nights in this Our Mother’s house are special and that particular word can in no way describe the magnitude of the blessings we receive by having Her presence here with us. This should take on a whole new meaning of prayer. Are we prepared to the best of our ability those days before the rosary. This is not a monotonous prayer we recite, but a song from our hearts – as we along with the Blessed Mother walk through the life of Jesus. He is with us – His Spirit is within us. Have we “cleaned house” in preparation for honored guests, or perhaps, sometimes do we allow ourselves to become preoccupied with life and compromise leaving God on the “short end of the stick”. Our Lady certainly made me aware of my shortcomings or at least some of them. I realize even more so now that I cannot function and be a true instrument of Our Lord and Blessed Mother unless I have my intimate moments with them in prayer.

In saying that there was no message tonight – simply meant I could not “see the forest for the trees”. We do not function if we are not prepared and the only way we can work towards this goal of preparation is through prayer. God bless you!

July 21, 2001

July 21, 2001

“Welcome, My children ....filled with joy. I thank you that you are here .... that you have opened the doors of this building and that you have opened the doors of

My heart. I await you with such love. Rejoice now ............... feel My presence as I ambefore you............. feel My love. Children this is a time of joy and a time of openinghearts .......  a time of renewing life.I bless you as I gather each of you into this heart that I have asked you to enter. Let your heart be as one      one in unison        one in love with My Sacred Heart.

Sing and praise Me for I am your Lord............... I am your God and I shall bring
healing and peace into the lives of those who come.

My peace is with you. Lift up your arms........... lift up your hearts. Be filled with

My joy ........ be filled with My peace as I bless you and gather each of you holdingyou tightly .............. holding you My children ...the children of My heart. Comeclosely to My heart and see My Mother........... My Mother who intercedes foreach of you ......... My Mother who cries with joy for the hearts that are here today.Oh blessed little children ......... receive the graces that shall be poured forth this day.Receive all that I have for you............. for no heart shall leave here empty! Eachheart shall be filled to its capacity .............. filled with My love............ filled with My

peace ..............  for you are the children of My heart. Sing and praise My holy name
for I, the Lord your God, have spoken and so shall it be.”

July 20, 2001

July 20, 2001

(Visual: It looks like a valley, but it’s not a desert ... it is an orchard with all kinds of trees filled with fruit. (Personal ... I have Your hand) ... don’t understand what I am supposed to see. We’re turning around now ... so pretty ... "Look ahead." There are mountains. It’s our little mountain. I see the Cross. We seem far away. I can just make out a chapel and the statue of the Blessed Mother. Looks like something growing on the mountain... it’s almost like a blank . . . can’t make it out ... it’s moving. Oh my, they are people ... . lots and lots of people.)

“My dear children,

Praise be Jesus, My beloved Son , and Our Savior for He has entrusted you and those who come with a mission of mercy... for this is a holy place and to this holy place shall come those who hurt........ those who are unloved              those who are
distressed with life. We ask you, dear children, to be little Missionaries of Mercy.

I wish to tell you of greatness. This greatness of which I speak is within each and everyone of Our children ... .but each must wait for that precious moment from God. As He speaks, each precious soul matures and ripens like the fruit from the trees which you just saw. This gift of greatness is, My children, the gift of humility, trust and simplicity all graces from God. It is a gift given to each

precious soul who will open their hearts to receive it. Greatness ......... this greatness

........ does not deem itself worthy of applauSenor of earthly recognition. It seeks to
go unnoticed ... hidden in the shadows until God calls ... for as He calls ... the power of His presence enlightens each soul with such strength to go forward to

embrace the hurting .......... the lonely ....... the forgotten. That, My children, is your
purpose here ....for this, Our Holy Mountain, is a refuge for souls. It is but one of a few scattered throughout this world. I call you to pray and prepare ... for you will  require much strength! Trust in My Son as I encourage you this night and bless each of you, My precious, precious children”!

(Special instructions:  We were asked to form teams with various talents ... those who can be of service in specific areas when necessary. We must all seek to be in a state of grace as we will be working with souls in need of God’s mercy. Thiswill help us in times to come............ All those with special talents (gifts) will help usfunction more smoothly........ for God’s plans are great and He is giving amplewarning.......... we must prepare now...... we must prepare now! )

July 27, 2001

July 27, 2001

(Visual): I see three fields .... there is a stone wall separating each field. We are in the first field. There are so many beautiful flowers. They are all wild flowers. I hear little giggles there are children some are barely able to walk  
they are so happy! They are picking these flowers and clutching them in
their little hands. I hear birds....... birds singing in the trees and butterflies
alighting on some of the flowers. Such a sense of peace. *There is a big burst of
light............ pinks, blues, gold and whites. It’s towards the end of the field. All these
little children are trying so hard to get there. They are tripping and yet they get
up giggling.......... they are having such a wonderful time. They’ve got their treasurein their hand. They are running. It is Our Lady........ can ’t see Her face, but I see a
beautifully delicate hand. It reaches down and accepts all these little bouquets.
It’s amazing......... they all fit into Her one hand and the look on the children’s faces..................................... a smile that goes from one end to the other. Their eyes are like
stars that are just dancing. They are so happy. That field is now gone.
In the next field there are people of all ages. Some are picking the flowers.....
enjoying the scenery, but others are in such a hurry. Where are they going? It
appears they are in a hurry to go nowhere. You can sense the difference....... thereis a sense of anxiety....... nothing that resembles a tranquil surrounding. It’s like
rushing to get somewhere, but they don’t know where. They walk right past Our Mother. They don’t even see Her. Oh, My Jesus. We’ve come so far yet we’ve
missed everything.
The other field now ... It’s better. There are people of all ages. They are all picking the flowers and watching the butterflies, listening to the birds, gathering

their bouquets............. and, yes, they see Her. The older ones pick up the younger
ones. Their little chubby hands holding their little treasures and even though I can’t see Her face I sense a joy She feels for I hear
“These are the children who have heard the voice of My Son ... His sheep who have returned to His pasture of peace and tranquility”.

“My dear children,

Contemplate with great joy the love of God and the sweetness of His mercy as He prepares to receive from each of you that simple gift of selfless love which you offer with all your heart. God is so great His love for you so intense              but
you are not quite ready to understand and accept the magnitude of what He has for
You .....for in your lives you fail to see the beauty ................ the true presence of God
in the smallest and in the weakest of His children. You hear whispers whispers that

penetrate your ears but cause uncertainty. for these whispers turn to shouts ........
disturbing your peace for you have not committed yourself totally to God and therefore, what you hear is a battle that rages for your very soul. Be at peace, My children, and trust in My Son for He is your strength. He is the one that loves you beyond measure. Be simple little ones and in true simplicity you shall find God and uncover the purpose He has for your life.”

(*Note): On July 29, 2001, at Saint Joseph’s Home, Our Lady confirmed She at times comes as “Our Lady of Lights”. During this visit, which followed a blessing of a priest, She also said “This place too has much meaning      it is a place of
refreshment and peace”.