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Mass will not be held on January 26, 2020.

No habrá Misa el 26 de Enero 2020.

September 10, 1999

September 10, 1999

"Awaken, My Children. Rise up and remove your soiled robes of complacency
and indifference for tonight I hand you a new garment --- a garment of truth and

As My blood flowed forth from Calvary¹s cross to cleanse your soul --- to refresh
you --- I now ask you to place upon your body this new robe --- tonight ----
spotless, for it has come from My hands. By this robe and the mission to which I
send you, all will know you are Mine.

Gaze about you, my children --- not with impatience --- for you know not what
comes; but, see the pain in your world and with great love accept this commission
into My service. Love Me as I love you and many souls will be touched as that
precious seed of hope will be planted in their hearts. Could your world exist
without the sun? My children          
without hope you cannot exist for hope fuels
the fire of love --- a love so intense. This love is My gift to you. Use it well. Do
not horde and hide the gift, but spend it freely as freely it is given to you!"

September 24, 1999

September 24, 1999


(The following message was dictated by Our Lady after a rather lengthy personal communication in which She spoke of preparing Her children to recognize the errors of this world and how to counteract them through the word of God. She calls for obedience to God through abandonment to the superficial ways of " a world bent on self destruction". She stresses the importance of unity in faith where the disease of pride is exposed as an abscess which eats away at the soul decaying all that it touches. We must be vigilant and guard each of our senses so that we do not become deceived, but instead become bold yet gentle warriors of love and peace through Jesus.)

"My dear children,

I am gathering My faithful remnants throughout your world each being directed to a Holy place devoted to My Son and His Divine Will. Allow Me, as your Mother, to direct your steps along this journey, for in so doing, I will cover you with My Mantle of love and protection while deepening your faith and total trust in Jesus. As Our hearts beat as one, so you too, My little ones, must learn that total dependency upon God whereby your heart will beat in unison with Ours.

Your world has fallen asleep lulled by pride, materialism and greed. I have come to awaken you --- to sound the alarm to return to My Son where His merciful heart awaits the repentant sinner. He desires only that which is best for you , that which restores your peace and allows your sin scarred souls to heal. Come now My

children, bathe in the spring of Mercy and receive your gift of salvation".

September 26, 1999

September 26, 1999

My dear children,

Learn from My words. I am but a Mother Who comes out of love for your (Our) children. She, a mother, does not forsake her child but continues to reach out her arms to embrace --- to love --- and to forgive. It is through forgiveness that you shall grow. It is through unconditional love that you must learn to come to Him (Jesus) through trials and tribulations. Love as you know it is not the same as Our love, for Ours is already unconditional. I await for all My children when they struggle for they have not learned to love My Son (by total trust and abandonment). The choices in their lives must be sought with such intensity to draw away from this life¹s false gods so that they may have the true peace which only Jesus can give. I watch you with My heart ---- My heart of thorns for the pain which you feel, but I give you My heart and ask --- will you give Me yours in return?"

September 26, 1999

“My beloved children,

I have been with you these few days. I have examined your hearts and found them worthy --- worthy to receive My words. No longer must I call you children who stumble and fall, but I call you to maturity of faith for I have entrusted into your hands a great mission. It is not the time to turn back --- it is the time of great joy for the doors of My heart are open. Extend your hand as Mine is outstretched to you. Take hold and feel the strength of your God. Trust Me for I have not misled you. I have always been with you. I have watched you grow, but understand with such growth ---- if your heart remains pure ---- your responsibilities will increase.

I call you to deeper prayer. I call you to reconcile all differences for I will purify and purge all My servants that they will be ready for these most difficult times. Rejoice for you have chosen not to reject Me, My beloved children, and I will always be at your side."